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Unborn baby saved by pregnant mum's broken arm

A mum-to-be's nasty fall revealed a life-threatening condition for her unborn baby

Posted: 7 May 2010
by Susie Boone

Baby Keira Stacey owes her life to her mum's broken arm! Mum-to-be Shona Stacey broke her arm when she tripped on a paving stone near her Plymouth home at 27 weeks pregnant.

After having her arm set in plaster in A&E, doctors gave her a routine scan, just to check that her unborn baby was OK after the fall.

In fact baby-to-be Keira was very ill, and was being starved as Shona's placenta was failing - unconnected to the fall.

Shona had an emergency caesarean the next day and baby Keira was born 13 weeks early, weighing just 1lb 3oz (540g).

But this was just the beginning of a tough few months for Keira and her parents. The little premmie baby contracted pneunomia soon after birth and suffered fractured legs and ribs as her bones were so fragile.

However, after 4 months in hospital Keira finally came home and is now expected to live a normal life.

"We just feel blessed," mum Shona told the Metro. "We will take nothing for granted. We will never complain about getting up int he night to feed her!"

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Did your baby have a difficult start or make an early appearance? Tell us your story below...

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