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Gestational diabetes affects 16% of pregnant women

International study says the number of mums-to-be who develop diabetes is double the figure first thought

Posted: 26 February 2010
by Cassandra Kempster-Roberts

You and your pregnant bump
Gestational diabetes - that's diabetes in pregnancy - usually develops in the last half of pregnancy

The number of mums-to-be developing diabetes is twice as great as doctors previously believed, a new study has suggested.

Before now, doctors thought 5% to 8% of women developed diabetes in pregnancy. However a study involving 23,000 women in nine countries indicates the figure is double this, with 16% of women getting gestational diabetes, reports the Telegraph.

Gestational diabetes is associated with an increased risk of premature labour and pre-eclampsia. Usually the condition develops in the latter half of your pregnancy and disappears after your baby’s born. It’s triggered by changes in certain hormones that affect how your body uses insulin.

The researchers have said doctors need to be be vigilant for the condition.

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