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Pregnant woman survives falling ten feet then gives birth

Jo Tointon survived falling through her bathroom floor and gave birth just hours later

Posted: 12 June 2012
by Sophie Westnedge
Jo welcomed baby son Eddy just hours after her accident

A pregnant woman went into labour after falling 10 feet through her bathroom floor into her kitchen below, reports the Daily Mail.

Jo Tointon from Nottingham, who was 35 weeks pregnant, was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre hospital and her baby son Eddy was delivered by c-section just hours later.

Jo and her husband David had been renovating the bathroom after moving into the house a couple of months before.

“There was nothing but plasterboard and joists and I must have missed a step and fell through to the kitchen,” Jo explained.

“My feet hit the breakfast bar in the kitchen,” she said. “I think that’s what saved me as it broke the fall, and I bounced off onto the floor.”

“I thought I had broken my back because I couldn’t move, but it turns out I was just winded,” she explained.

Jo suffered minor bruising from the fall but paramedics were concerned about her unborn baby.

“The paramedic asked if I was bleeding at all,” said Jo. “I didn’t think I was, but when I moved I could feel something and I knew it was either blood and I was losing the baby, or my waters had broken.”

“They had to check me first before checking my baby, and it felt like forever before they checked for his heartbeat,” she explained.

Baby Eddy Austin was born weighing 4lb 1oz and making good progress in intensive care, after being treated for a collapsed lung.

“I didn’t realise at the time how close we came to losing him, but he’s getting stronger by the day,” said Jo.

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