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Home pregnancy tests – how to make yours as accurate as possible
When, how and how accurately can you tell if you’re pregnant before you visit the doctor?

03 February 2012

A new blood test could reveal paternity at 12 weeks of pregnancy
New non-invasive paternity test could allow women to confirm who their baby’s father is by the end of the first trimester

12 September 2011

New DNA test could replace invasive pregnancy tests
Non-invasive test for foetal abnormalities could enable doctors to diagnose genetic conditions in unborn babies without the increased risk of miscarriage

09 December 2010

New £300 pregnancy test reveals baby’s sex at week 7
A new blood test can tell if your developing foetus is male or female much earlier than current ultrasound scans

02 November 2010

Pregnancy Test – Positive then Negative?
Is it possible for a pregnant test to be wrong?

12 January 2009

Fertility and Pregnancy Testing on a Budget
Fertility and pregnancy home-testing kits are selling more than ever. But do you really need to spend so much money on repeat testing?

16 January 2008

There are 6 articles
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