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Could your maternity rights change next week?
Maternity leave could be under threat if planned budget makes small businesses exempt from current rules

14 March 2011

Sure Start maternity grants are cut
No extra money for families with more than one child

25 January 2011

Mums win claim against BSkyB for maternity pay discrimination
Two mums of young children have won their case for wrongful dismissal after being asked if they were planning more children

17 December 2010

Pregnancy grant to go in spending cuts
Grants for pregnant women and families are to be axed as part of the spending review

21 October 2010

Proposal to increase maternity leave and pay passed by EU
Maternity leave could be increased to up to 20 weeks at full pay

21 October 2010

UK to say no to 20 weeks full maternity pay?
Britain expected to vote against EU legislation to increase maternity leave and pay as experts claim it will threaten UK business

18 October 2010

Fears that increased maternity pay will harm UK business
Planned increase in EU maternity leave to 20 weeks criticised by business community

17 September 2010

Guide for working mums and mums-to-be
Want to know more about working during pregnancy, maternity leave, maternity entitlement, childcare, returning to work, expressing milk and being a working mum? Phew! Well, start here...

08 September 2010

Thinking of being a full-time parent?
What you need to consider before taking on the most important job in the world

06 September 2010

Working when you’re pregnant
Ten tips for making working in pregnancy a pleasure

02 September 2010

Childminder - childcare options
The pros and cons of using a childminder, what you can expect and where to find the right childminder for your child

23 August 2010

Guide to childcare
Returning to work and wondering what childcare your baby needs? We look all your childcare options from nurseries to au pairs, full-time nannies to part-time babysitters and going without

23 August 2010

Au pairs - childcare options
Au Pair - inexpensive childcare in your home

23 August 2010

Could I manage without childcare?
If you work part-time from home you may wonder whether you could get by without regular childcare, and there are mums that do just that

23 August 2010

Babysitters / home childcarers - childcare options
Part-time home childcare or a regular babysitter can be an option for those not requiring a full nanny service

23 August 2010

Childcare - planning head
What are the pros and cons of the various childcare options once you have had your child?

20 August 2010

Nannies - childcare options
Nannies are a popular option. Know what to expect if you employ a nanny and how to find the right nanny for your child

20 August 2010

Childcare - choosing what's right for you
Finding the right childcare for your family can be difficult but here are some tips to help you decide

20 August 2010

Nurseries - childcare options
What nurseries, crèches and daycare offer, the pros, cons, the costs are and what to look for when you visit

15 August 2010

98% nurseries up to scratch, Ofsted finds
Ofsted inspection results find only 2% of UK childcare providers unsatisfactory

30 July 2010

1 to 20 of 31 articles.
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