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A nifty device for nasal congestion

We love the new Baby Nose-Clear device for relieving babies' nasal congestion.

Posted: 4 April 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Baby Nose-Clear is not necessarily the most glamourous parenting product on the market, but it's a wonderful innovation for those with young babies.

Many young babies suffer with a blocked up nose, even from their first days, making them uncomfortable, snuffly and often making it hard for them to breastfeed efficiently. Usually the easiest way to clear their nasal passages is to use saline drops to soften the mucus and then draw out anything gooey with a small pipette-like suction device. However, it can be time-consuming and make a young baby even more uncomfortable.

The new Baby Nose-Clear allows you to suck blockages away from your baby's nose with your mouth rather than relying on the less subtle action of squeezing a suction device with your fingers. A valve protects you from the mucus passing back to you and traps it so that it cleans your baby's nose efficiently but also gently. It comes apart easily so you can clean it and re-use it.

There are other aspirators on the market but this one is the most efficient little device we've seen. It was designed by Carolyn Moretto, a mother who had premature triplets and became painfully aware of how common a problem nasal congestion is for small infants. It's available from some independent chemists as well as larger branches of Mothercare, Tesco and Boots. It costs £6.99 and is also available direct from the manufacturers,

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Hi, our little one, grace, who is 3 months old is having problems sleeping at night. She seems to get a blocked up nose. This is only a problem during the night and results in both her and us getting a bad nights sleep.

She not normally particularly snotty during the day, it's only at night.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you sort this one?

Posted: 29/03/2006 at 09:09

hi jon,
the only thing i can suggest is raising one end of her cot and see if that works.i know it helps a lot when they've got a cold.
sorry cant help more than that.
hope it works.

Posted: 29/03/2006 at 09:41

Jake got quite a snotty cold when he was about 4 months old, I put a folded blanket under one end of his matress so his head was ellivated- Like mummy suggested in her post :o)
I also invested in some children's Olbas Oil. I put 2 drops on a muslin cloth and tied it securely to the bars on his cot meaning he got the benefit of the vapours to unblock his nose during the night. It did help him to sleep better, so perhaps give it a try?!!

I hope she gets better soon :o)

Another tip if she's snotty during night feeds- bottle or breastfed you can use the muslin with Olbas oil again by just having it on your chest so as she feeds she can clear her nose and breathe easier.
I used vicks vapour rub on my chest during the worst days with Jake as he was breastfed. Works wonders- also meant my nose was clear too!!

Posted: 02/04/2006 at 09:38

Olbas and vicks aren't recommended early on but you can buy saline drops to clear the nose. it worked a treat when my son had a bad cold. you can get them from the pharmacy or as in my case the doctor prescribed them which meant they were free!

Posted: 04/04/2006 at 18:40

Hi Jon,

I've just linked an article to this thread on a product called 'Baby nose-clear' that may be useful to your family.

Hope this helps!

Posted: 05/04/2006 at 09:18

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