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AeroSafe mattresses for babies

It's important to create a safe sleeping environment for babies and the new Rochingham range keeps it natural

Posted: 2 August 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Rochingham mattress
One of the biggest concerns for new parents is the issue of safe sleeping for babies, and happily these days many more parents are aware of simple habits that can improve their child’s sleeping and reduce the risk of SIDS.

Rochingham, one of the leading names in baby mattresses for over half a century, like any reputable mattress maker, have always met safety standards. However, their new range of natural cot and cot bed mattresses are bound to prove an instant hit.
They design their mattresses with ‘AeroSleep’ – a fabric surface that is breathable, water-resistant, anti-bacterial and which protects against dust, pollen and dust mites. The protective film on this special surface prevents the mattress absorbing dust and thus avoids the child inhaling it as he sleeps.

It is impossible for us to create dust-free environments – soft furnishings, clothes and the chaos of baby paraphernalia make it inevitable that we will have rooms that are sometimes stuffy and a little dusty, especially in winter when the central heating is on – but keeping the spaces immediately around our children as uncluttered in any way as possible is a great start.

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