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Babes with Babies feeding pjs

If you're not feeling like a yummy mummy, treat yourself to some glam houseware that's especially designed for breastfeeding

Posted: 24 July 2007
by Laura Lee Davies

Babes with Babies Feeding PJs
You’ve just had a baby. You’re sore, tired, covered in milk, possets and quite probably some stray wee from a nappy changing episode (especially if you’ve had a boy), and the last thing you feel like doing is getting dressed and smartened up. Why not just loll around in your PJs all day?
Usually we’d be telling you how much better getting bathed and dressed instantly makes you feel and how it can give you the energy you need to make the most of those early days after the birth. However… with these gorgeous pyjamas from Babes With Babies, we might just make an exception.

Spottydotty Pyjamas
OK, even of you’ve never checked out the Babes With Babies website before, the name gives it away somewhat – this is a website that understands that you are as important and worth celebrating as your darling new bundle of joy, and it's packed with great gift ideas for new mums and babies, from clothing to toys to pampering and beauty items.
These pjs comprise a light, sleeveless top – the pink Foxy Feeder– which is designed so you can discreetly feed via an easy clip on each side so you don’t have to lift the whole thing right up. And some ‘spottydotty’ pyjama trousers with a loose, cotton fit to make them comfy but stylish for padding round the house in.

The top is made by Glamourmom in Denmark and the fabric is Green Cotton (environmentally friendly), and the bottoms are made by Hush, in 100 per cent cotton so they feel light to wear. Both are machine washable, of course!
They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate bottom and top measurements and cost £65, which included some beautiful, luxurious wrapping, and delivery.

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