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Baby safety essentials with a techno twist

New company bosieboo is taking nursery health and safety into the 21st century with stylish monitors, thermometers and other fab products for the Gadget Dad (and Mum).

Posted: 18 December 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Bosieboo Video Monitor
Video Monitor
When you are a new parent, buying a baby monitor feels like an essential way to keep a caring eye on your baby.
There are lots of great models around, from around £30 to £150-plus, but we love the new range from a budding electronics company called bosieboo. Colourful, high-tech and designed as a direct reaction to talking to parents, their range includes visual and audio monitors, as well as other health and lifestyle products designed to make parents life a lot less stressful.

Video monitors
Designed to look good in the lounge and the nursery, and made to a high spec for great viewing, bosieboo do two wireless video monitors. The camera part (£60 for each additional one you might want to buy) comes with a small beanbag to rest it on so it doesn't fall and can be flexibly positioned almost anywhere around your rooms. The monitors (which are both colour in daylight, and b/w when the infrared is in use during darkness), are the handy little 2.5-inch model for £115, and the larger 5.6-inch version for £170. Both monitors' price includes: camera, monitor, tripod, beanbag and adaptors.
The monitors allow you to switch to watching a different camera, if you do decide to buy up to three extra ones, and there is a conventional audio setting for times when that's all you need.
Like other monitors, there are different frequency options you can use them on, but the only drawback at the moment, is that some wireless computer systems at home might affect use. (Talk directly to the company about this if you are worried. See contact details below.)

Audio monitor
If you do want a straightforward, no frills audio monitor, the bosieboo model is as good as any already on the market but comes in at an impressively cheap £27.

Bosieboo Out of Distance Monitor
Out of Distance Monitor
Out of Distance Monitor
Some toddlers can be trusted to stay where they are and go where you want them to... but not many of them!
We think the bosieboo Out of Distance Monitor (£35), is cute because it has a slick little monitor for parents, and then a badge that your child wears. You set the distance you feel comfortable with, and the monitor sets an alarm off if your child strays too far away. It's a useful device because the distance can be adjusted - after all, on a busy road you might want your child close by, but in a park, they will have more freedom.
It's a gadget-lovers dream gift and a nifty alternative to reins or simply having to strap your toddler into a buggy.

Bosieboo UV meter
UV meter
UV meter
This handy little UV Meter (£17.99) can be clipped on to clothing and will set off an alarm when it's time to reapply suncream.
It's easy to forget how often you need to put sunblock on when you're busy playing in the park or at the beach, but this monitor will calculate how much time your child has gone without more sunblock by gauging the strength of the sun and you programming in what SPF you have put on your child.

Bosieboo Remote Temperature Monitor
Remote Temperature Monitor
Remote temperature monitor
Some baby monitors also give a read out of how hot the child's room is, but we like this Remote Temperature Monitor (£25.99), where you can be asleep in your bedroom, or in the lounge, and the gauge will let you know how warm your child's room is, without you have to creep in and out all the time.
The remote can also link up to a small, unobtrusive baby thermometer you can clip onto your baby's clothes (safely, next to the skin) on days and nights when you think he might have a fever. If his temperature goes over a certain level, it will let you know.

Bath thermometer
Instead of relying on your wrist, try the funky Bath Thermometer (£11.99) which floats on the water like a cross between a lilypad and a spaceship.
The ring around the thermometer is completely safe for babies to chew, if they are teething!

Bosieboo Forehead Thermometer
Forehead Thermometer
Forehead Thermometer
The easiest way to measure your baby's temperature is with an ear thermometer. However, if your child is hot and unwell, the last thing he wants is to have you poking around in his ear.
This forehead thermometer (£21) is wonderful because it gives accurate readings by just holding the scanner near (NOT ON) your baby's temple for a few seconds. This makes it non-invasive, hygienic and good to use if your baby is asleep.
It also beeps to let you know you have taken a reading properly, and will store previous readings.

We are planning to give each of these items a full review on ThinkBaby soon, but if you want to find out more about these and other cool bosieboo ideas now, go to

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