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Baby Sense Accessories for Snug Breastfeeding

Megan Faure's Baby Sense range of nursery products can help your breastfeeding time feel more comfortable for you and your baby

Posted: 11 May 2009
by Laura Lee Davies

Baby Sense Accessories When you're just getting started with breastfeeding, finding a relaxed and comfortable position for you and your baby is not always easy. However, as you grow to know each other a bit better, this does get easier.
Sometimes it helps to have a cushion or two so you can prop your arm or your baby in the right position, but really, it's worth investing in support specially designed for the job. A few happy feeds in and you'll soon know that a feeding pillow was worth the money!

Baby Sense Nurture Nest, £16.65
Available at, the Nurture Nest is a new design in feeding support pillows. The comma shaped Baby Sense Nurture Nest provides a cocooned environment for your baby to rest in that lifts and supports her in a position that enables you to completely relax while feeding.
It's much more compact than other boomerang-shaped feeding pillows on the market, and this means it's easier to carry about with you, fitting into most changing bags or buggy shopping baskets.
While most feeding pillows are simply designed to lift your baby, the Nurture Nest has been designed to give a baby a real sense of being cocooned while she feeds – a sensation that babies, used to the confined environment of the womb, find very reassuring.

Baby Sense Feeding Shawl, £14.65
Also available in the UK via, the Baby Sense Feeding Shawl can be a comfort for women who feel self-conscious about breastfeeding in public.
The luxuriously soft, generously sized and lightweight 100% cotton shawl allows you to feed in total privacy, without overheating your baby under a traditional woollen shawl or poncho.
A nice detail of the Baby Sense Feeding Shawl is the weight that has been sewn into one corner (which is totally integrated so it's not noticeable). This gentle weight helps you keep the shawl in position once you have found a position you and your baby are comfortable with. With the weight doing the job that a hand usually has to do with a traditional shawl, your hands are left completely free, giving you greater freedom to do what you want to while feeding your baby.

Baby Sense Accessories Try the Baby Sense Feeding Shawl and Nurture Nest for ThinkBaby!
We're looking for three ThinkBaby members and their babies to put these breastfeeding accessories to the test for us. Email and put BABY SENSE in the message field, and we'll randomly pick three volunteers and send out the Shawl and Nest sets to you. All we ask is that, if you're lucky enough to get a set, you drop us a line and let us know how you got on next week.
Mark your email BABY SENSE and include your address in the message. The deadline for all volunteers' names is 12noon Wednesday May 13, after which time we will randomly select three volunteers and notify you by email. Sorry, UK volunteers only I'm afraid.

What is Baby Sense?
Baby Sense is a company set up by new-parenting guru Megan Faure, already a household name in her native South Africa.
Down to earth, positive but also honest about the demands on a new parent and baby, Faure's books on raising new babies are inspirational and reassuring. Now she has a range of nursery essentials like the Shawl and Nest which are made from great quality, carefully sourced materials, to help you keep your new family life as natural and happy as possible.

For more about Baby Sense, go to

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The shawl feels so soft and is worth the price.  It is a very attractive form of shawl ideal for nesting and will make the baby feel calm and relaxed. 

Posted: 20/06/2009 at 01:06

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