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BabyLegs - leg warmers for babies

Cute, cuddlesome and handy for nappy-changing - BabyLegs brightly coloured leg warmers are a great new idea.

Posted: 20 April 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Yesterday we were talking about Soggs socks for babies. Another solution, if you want to keep your baby warm without losing socks or having the stuffiness of tights, are BabyLegs.

Dreamt up by a mother in Seattle, these cute leg warmers are perfect from birth up to toddler years because they are warm without being too heavy or thick-knit. That way you can scrunch them down a little for short chubby baby legs and stretch them out when your darling two-year-old wants to feel like a proper little dancer!

Cow prints, stripes, spots and other funky patterns make these a lovely, flexible way to keep boys and girls warm without overheating. Plus they're easy to roll down or off so there's no having to catch both wriggling legs together when you're putting tights or trousers on. This makes them useful for changing nappies, too.

For more about BabyLegs, go to the BabyLegs website or the website of their UK retailers.

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