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Be a Snow Mum and Beat the Chill!

Overcome the arctic conditions and look great at the same time - check out funky winter gear from Blacks and Millets

Posted: 3 February 2009
by Sarah Lawson

Winter clothing Looking good and staying warm when you're pregnant, or out with a new baby, doesn't have to cost you as much as a mission to Mount Everest… Blacks and Millets have some fab winter gear for mountain top conditions at high street prices!

Blacks for faux fur warmth
At Blacks you can look like a cross between a Bond Girl on a ski slope and a full-on Yeti…

We love their Barts Fur Paws (£36.99) and matching ear muffs (£11.99) and hat (£44.99) as well as the gorgeous 'monkey hat' (£14.99-£16.99) for kids and for men. However, you don't have to splash that much cash to keep your head chill-free; the ALS Women's Picture Perfect Hat (pictured, £12.99) is cute and super-cosy.

And for any icy conditions, help keep your pregnancy balance (or your pushchair) under safe control with the fab Barts Women's Moon Boots (£49.99) or the seriously sorted North Face White Nyptse Fur Boots (pictured, £69.99).

Winter clothing

For stockists details call 0800 056 0127 or go to

Millets make February weather an adventure
Winter clothing Staying warm when you're expecting your baby can sometimes be tricky. The extra blood flow can make it easy to overheat, but also you can suffer from 'icy nipples' or run the risk of getting ill if you don't wrap up.

Layers are the secret to staying warm because you can peel them off when you need to, so the Millets' fab ranges of warm, comfortable clothes are an ideal solution. The Peter Storm Women's Stripe Thermal T-Shirt (pictured £14.99) and Peter Storm Women's Thermal Stripe Pant (also pictured, £14.99) feature among a range of other toasty baselayer outfits and fleecy hooded tops.

And to make sure your extremities don't suffer, check out their Alpine Women's Snowsport Short Cuff Gloves (pictured, £19.99).

For stores and stock enquiries call 0800 389 5861 or go to

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