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Buggies from £14-£40

If you want something light and easy for your holiday, a second buggy doesn't have to cost the earth

Posted: 16 July 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

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Hunter Conga My Child
Once your baby is over three-to-six months old, you can put him or her in most regular buggies, especially if the pushchair has at least one lower recline option, and if you wrap them up so that the more basic models are more comfortable for them. Often parents prefer not to take away their main buggy on holiday because it is too bulky and/or expensive to leave to the fate of baggage handlers on planes and trains, so these lightweight cheap options are a real draw. For smaller babies, it's worth investing in a baby carrier or sling as these are easier to negotiate steps and tight spaces which become a feature of many holiday trips, especially abroad. But if you do want to get yourself a nippy little lightweight buggy, read on...

Cheap buggies on the go
For most people, the cheap buggy is a second stage buggy (at six months), after their travel system no longer suits their needs (their baby has outgrown the car seat, the pram is of no use once the baby can sit up, etc).
For others, a cheap buggy is the standby they keep in the car, or one they choose to use for flights.
The cheaper buggies still have plenty of good features – five-point harness, (limited) recline options etc. But they do tend to lack adjustable height options for the handlebar, storage space in the basket, or padding on the seat. The wheels may be more basic and harder too, so if your holiday is going to involve rugged terrain you might still prefer to take your off-roader! Still, for little trips when sightseeing or just walking to the beach, a lightweight buggy is ideal.

Reliable, cheap buggies on the high street
Tesco also have a £14.95 Hunter buggy that is certainly a no-frills option, and plan to launch an even cheap model at the end of the summer!
Mothercare offer the Conga stroller at £19.95 which is suitable from six months, and the store has a handful of buggies prices from £35 to £50, so you can often pick up a good deal on reduction when these slightly more detailed (with a basket, for example) buggies come down to less than £30.
John Lewis usually sell the 'higher-end' pushchair ranges, but they do have a good-looking, from-six months pushchair for £35 called the My Child buggy, available in pink floral or blue car patterns.

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