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Buggies on a Budget

Beat the credit crunch and find great quality pushchairs that don't break the bank

Posted: 4 November 2008
by Debra Stottor

In these financially-straitened times it seems people are making their own entertainment, if you get my drift – Mothercare has reported an increase in sales of more than 20 per cent, Mamas & Papas has reported a 46 per cent increase in maternity dress sales, pregnancy test kits appear to be flying off the shelves at chemists around the country!
However, swapping that night on the town for a bit of boudoir action could be a spectacularly short-term gain: babies, let’s face it, need stuff and stuff costs money.
But there’s no need to get in a spin and start raiding skips; if you’re canny you’ll be able to kit yourself out without breaking the bank (which in this case will not be bailed out by the government).

How to hunt for a bargain buggy
You could opt for second-hand, but do make sure that whatever you buy is in good condition, we are talking about your baby’s safety after all.
Assuming you opt for brand spanking new, here’s how to land yourself a bargain buggy.

Buggies for £20 You can get a buggy for around £20 – yes really! However, for that price you mustn’t expect a hood, a lie-flat seat or much in the way of adjustability. You’ll get a basic seat and footrest. Full stop. This is, of course, fine for keeping at granny’s or for keeping in the boot of the car just in case. But if you want to protect your child from the elements (we do have sun and rain in Britain) and give him the chance to lie back and chill after a hard morning at playgroup, indeed if you want something that will last, you will need to shell out a bit more.
How much more depends on (a) how much money you’ve got; (b) what you consider to be vital features and (c) how determined you are to buy a particular brand.
Read more about buggies from £14 to £60.

Buggies from £100 to £200 For under £100, you will be able to find a from-birth buggy, complete with hood, raincover and occasionally cosytoes.
If you creep closer to the £200 mark, you’ll find extra accessories, better suspension and a greater likelihood of compatibility with a car seat. You rarely need to spend over £200 to find a reliable and comfy from-birth buggy, except that more money will buy you more flashy extras.
Petit Star Zia stroller
What you really need to shell out more for is the option of your baby facing you. We may know that it’s good for our little ones to face us when they’re out and about, to encourage communication, but I struggled to find a genuinely parent-facing, from birth buggy at a bargain price. In many of the cheaper buggies, this can be done with the addition – and this increases the cost – of a carrycot or car seat (but you shouldn’t keep your child in a car seat for too long so this is not ideal), but if you just want a buggy, and nothing else, that gives you this option, it seems you’ve got to splash the cash. Manufacturers, please take note!
Sadly, as with so many things in life, you do get what you pay for and the sort of longevity that will see a buggy serve more than one child will get you flexing that plastic a bit further. Or you could just hope that the economy (and yours in particular) has enjoyed a boom before your next baby comes along.

Maclaren Twin Techno
From birth
OBaby Atlas £59.99 from
Safety 1st Teknika £69.99
Graco Citisport £79.99, Mirage £89.99 (travel system compatible) and Mojo £89.99
Chicco Liteway £99.99 (inc footmuff and raincover)
Mamas & Papas Zoom £135 (includes apron)
Silver Cross Pop £99.99
Petite Star Zia £119.99

Parent-facing from birth
Bugaboo Bee £359
Silver Cross 3D Pram System £334

Six months plus
Chicco CT 0.6 – less than £50 lightweight umbrella-fold
Mothercare Backspin
Maclaren Volo £65
Mamas & Papas Aria + £110
Silver Cross Fizz £75
Maclaren Triumph £85

Urban Detour Vesta
Complete travel systems
Chicco Trio Enjoy Evolution £299.99 – includes buggy, car seat and carrycot (and changing bag)
Graco Mosaic £199 (includes buggy and car seat)

Urban Detour Vesta £99.99
Hauck Roadster SL £99
Mamas & Papas Luna Mix £160
Mamas & Papas 03 Sport £180
Graco Trekko Travel System £219.99 – includes car seat

Double buggies
Duodeal Tandem £130 (from birth at rear, 6 months + in front, from
Maclaren Twin Techno £220 (from birth)
Maclaren Twin Triumph £145 (6 months +)
Mamas & Papas Pulse Twin £225 (6 months +)

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What's your best-value buy? Did you get a great pushchair at a good price or a safety monitor that was cheap but reliable? Let us know!

Posted: 04/11/2008 at 10:56



Ive just bought an Obaby stroller for £54.99 and it really is a fab little buggy ! The seat reclines in 3 positions, it comes with a raincover and detachable hood, folds down easily enough and is very compact so would be great even for parents with a smaller car. It looks great in this years colours, black and white or if you prefer it also comes in blue or pink. The raincover fits really snugly around the pram and is easy to throw on if it rains suddenly. It has a storage basket underneath which doesnt hold that much but is sturdy enough for baby`s changing bag etc. The wheels arent the swivel type though which might put some people off but personally I prefer fixed position wheels as it makes the buggy seem more solid. My daughter loves her little stroller now that shes older (15 months ) and its just so easy to use !!

Hope this is helpful to someone !

Sharon, xx

Posted: 26/01/2009 at 10:42

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