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CD Review: 'Relax for IVF with Zita West'

Midwife, fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West passionately believes in the mind-body link and how it can affect fertility

Posted: 22 September 2008
by Debra Stottor

ThinkBaby Zita CD

With an average success rate of less than 30 per cent, it’s no wonder couples can feel stressed out when going through IVF (in vitro fertilisation), and some experts believe that this stress could be what’s behind the low success rate.
Midwife, fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West passionately believes in the mind-body link and how it can affect fertility and in addition to treatments available at her London clinic, she has now launched a CD so that women can practise her relaxation treatments at home.

'Relax for IVF'
The CD focuses on the critical time around embryo transfer and gives the listener information and tips on positive visualisation and relaxation techniques. West says, “Women often go through such a hard time during fertility treatment, especially during the two-week wait after embryo transfer. Mindset is very important at this stage and my CD allows you to take control and know that you are doing something positive, no matter what the outcome is.”
So far the feedback from clients has been positive: one, Charlotte Price, says, “I found the CD so relaxing it really helped me to remain positive when I was going through IVF embryo transfer.”
The CD is designed for use at home on your own (with an accompanying instruction booklet that allows the listener to focus on certain acupuncture pressure points on the body). It can also be listened to during acupuncture treatment.

Zita West's work
Specialist treatments are available at the Womb Room, a walk-in acupuncture room at the Zita West Clinic for women at the pre- and post-embryo transfer stage. (In fact, over an 18-month period, 499 women of all ages undergoing IVF/ICSI cycles who used this facility enjoyed a pregnancy rate of 58%, so it’s well worth considering.)

To buy a copy of the CD (£14.99) or to book an acupuncture treatment at the Womb Room call 020 7224 0017 or visit

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