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CDs for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Butterfly Sounds are CDs aimed at helping you prepare and get through the challenges of birth and new parenthood

Posted: 1 July 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

Butterfly Sounds CD
When thinking about the Birthing Options available, people have many different ideas and preferences for how they aim to get through one of the biggest (and most exciting) challenges of their lives.
Beyond the conventional pain relief options, there are many ways in which you can approach birth and keep things more natural.
Methods like Natal Hypnotherapy carry many women through the trials of everything from morning sickness to birth. There are also ways in which massage and homeopathy can relieve the stress and pain of labour and birth and leave you feeling positive and empowered.

Butterfly Sounds for Relaxation
Butterfly Sounds is a new series of CDs offering relaxation techniques that might help you through the challenges of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.
These calming CDs by Quinne Jefferson have been devised to combine hypnotherapy with healing and creative visualisation. This combination is particularly effective in allowing you to feel deeply relaxed, positive and refreshed. Quinne has a gentle, soothing voice, under which Wayne Warlow's inspirational music offers a reassuringly peaceful soundtrack.
Each CD focuses on a particular area of stress:

Relax During Pregnancy Pregnancy should be a time when you can enjoy your happy, healthy pre-baby calm. However, our raging hormones and the need to address this key change in our lives and lifestyles means that pregnancy can be a stressful time. Where perhaps you would go on a strenuous run or kick back with a large glass of wine when you were stressed before pregnancy, now you need to find more natural ways to chill out!
This CD focuses on ways to overcome the build up of cortisol (the hormone related to stress). Deep relaxation exercises not only help you get more oxygen circulating round you system, but calming yourself inevitably helps calm your baby and has been found to ease the symptoms of morning sickness in some cases. It also makes you take some valuable time out for yourself, allowing you headspace to put your other worries in order and to banish 'superwoman' syndrome from your thoughts!

Relax During Birth This CD can be used from about 36 weeks and will help you begin to focus on the challenge of labour and birth, but in a calm and positive way. Deep breathing during labour helps your muscles, in particular the large muscle in the uterus, avoid becoming tired.
The CD is recommended for use at home and in hospital (when you might want to play it with headphones if you have to go on to a ward ahead of labour, or if you choose to play your own CDs in the labour room).

Relax You’re a Mother Although you can buy this CD as a set with the other two, it can be useful to hang on to as a mum of children of all ages!
They recommend you use it when you are tired or stressed out, especially if your child is going through difficult patches. (These might include colic or teething in young babies, but they also suggest you use it during your child's adolescence!)
Like the pregnancy CD, the headspace 'Relax You're a Mother' makes you afford yourself is valuable in itself, as well as the relaxation techniques which you will find leave you feeling much more peaceful and energised to deal with the immediate problems of daily parenthood.

These CDs make a great set, at £24.99 (or individually at £9.99 each).
For more information, go to, or call 01792 885247.

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