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Child Safety Shopping List

For CHILD SAFETY WEEK – Babies R Us give ThinkBaby their useful checklist for essential products that help keep your home safe once your baby or toddler is on the move

Posted: 25 June 2008
by Sarah Lawson

Fireguard, £18.99
Home Safety Starter Pack
Home Safety Starter Pack, £9.99
Bruin Flexi Travel Barrier
Bruin Flexi Travel Barrier, £22.99
Before your baby is born, the idea of completely overhauling your lifestyle in order to make your home a baby-safe bubble seems extremely daunting. But in fact, the process of childproofing your home usually takes place over a longer period.
At first you want to make sure your baby is sleeping safely, then as she begins to move you will need to take a look at her nearby surrounds, and gradually as crawling, cruising and eventually toddling develop, you will want to address the larger needs.
Month by month issues like your child being able to reach dangerous things which might fall and hurt her, or you securing items might be within her grasp which she could choke on, and identifying places like the kitchen or stairs or fireplaces, where you want to restrict her access, will all evolve rather than becoming an overnight headache of health and safety!
Still, it's good to think ahead about the kinds of things you might have to buy, depending on your own circumstances (for example, if you don't have stairs you might not need a safety gate).

A Safety Checklist
Babies R Us, one of the largest retailers of nursery equipment in the country, appreciate the gap between parents' fears for their babies and the need for them to get practical, non-hysterical advice. We asked them to give us a few tips on what parents buy and what parents should think about when planning a safe home:

  • Get down on your hands and knees and view each room from a low height.
  • Re-arrange your home, move furniture or electrical appliances such as stereos, DVD and video players and the telephone, if necessary re-locate ornaments, CDs and remote controls.
  • Consider all dangers - electrical sockets, dangling wires, cupboard doors, drawers and low furniture are all potential danger areas.
  • Review any safety precautions and equipment you are already using in your home and upgrade your safety products.

Essential Safety Equipment

  • Several smoke alarms: test them regularly to ensure they are working
  • Door Jammer
  • Fridge lock
  • Safety gates
  • Fireguard
  • Safety film for low windows
  • Window locks
  • Bath thermometer
  • Room thermometer
  • Corner cushions
  • Socket covers
  • Cupboard door catches

Don't feel you have to load up on all these items the day your baby is born! Babies R Us have in-store advisors who can help you figure out what items you really need. They also recommend the invaluable information on baby home safety that can be found at the website for the Child Accident Prevention Trust

To find a Babies R Us store near you or to shop online, go to

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