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Christmas gifts from Boots

Beautifully made toys for babies and toddlers, that have been specially designed to make your gifts developmental as well as fun!

Posted: 19 November 2007
by Laura Lee Davies

It's not easy always to find the ideal toy for very young children, though many people forget how great books for babies can be as a gift that will last.
However, Boots have got some wonderful ideas this Christmas, made from wood and fabric in gentle nursery colours, which add a valuable a touch of class.

Quick Step Quick Step, from birth, £10
This cuddly octopus has a different kind of footwear on every foot.
From football boots to rollerskates, and baseball shoes to iceskates, the variety offers a range of textures and laces. Suitable from birth to suck and cuddle, the toy grows with your child – as your child's grip and hand-eye co-ordination improves, your baby will be able to wiggle him, too, making him dance and jump and kick. Later, Quick Step's shoes can introduce colours and counting and matching and sorting.
Spin and See Alphabet Spin and See Alphabet, from 18 months, £10
Rather like an abacus in appearance, this simple, sleep and pretty toy encourages children to name objects and later to learn letters and numbers as little fingers spin round each block along the rows.
Chunky Choo Choo Chunky Choo Choo, from 18 months, £18
This beautiful pull-along train is brightly coloured and wonderful for imaginative play and exploring motion, plus it's a wooden, making it a beautiful toy to treasure.
There are differently patterned blocks for your child to fit onto the trucks to mix and match.
Poorly Pet Set Poorly Pet Set, from 3 years, £15
A wonderful toy which allows for imaginative play, this set comprises a light plastic replica of the kind of carriers pets have when they go to the vets. There is also a little cuddly dog (though the set fits larger cuddlies if your child fancies making patients of his bigger soft toys!) and let's-play medical items so your child can play being a vet.
A lovely extension to the doctors and nurses idea, and one which is suitable for little boys and girls.

There are many more wonderful toys in each age group in the Boots 'learning through play', and many are on the 'Mix and Match' offer where you can buy three items for the price of two.
For more, check out your nearest store or go to On the website the different toys are usefully graded by age and activity.

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