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Clothes for premature and low birth weight babies

The clothes range mini mode have developed a thoughtful, special collection for babies under 7.5lb.

Posted: 18 October 2006
by Sarah Lawson

Over 100 Boots stores will this week be rolling out a whole new range of clothes, on the mini mode label, which are especially designed for premature, and low birth-weight babies.
There are already some clothes ranges which go down to very small sizes, but these garments and accessories have been developed purely for babies under 7.5lb. They protect their skin and are aimed at keeping their small bodies warm.

mini mode products
mini mode did extensive research work with neonatal units to address the particular needs of small babies while in hospital and once they are at home.
Special details include leggings, and body suits designed to open and close around any attached monitor, making it easier to dress a baby who is still under constant care. Only 100% pure cotton fabrics are used for extra softness and nickel free poppers are used to safeguard delicate skin. All of the clothes are soft to touch and machine washable.

The designs, whilst in gentle pinks and blues, are fun and don't look 'medical' at all! However, the designs are printed on rather than involving the extra stitching of embroidery etc, as this could scratch vulnerable skin.

As part of the mini mode range of matching co-ordinates for newborns to four-year-olds, the Low Birth Weight collection is made up of 12 items, priced £3 to £10.

For details of the Boots stores where they will be stocking these clothes, call 0845 070 8090. Some of the items can also be bought online, at

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