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Cute knits from Little Hooligan

Gorgeous knitwear and special clothes for those baby treats.

Posted: 28 February 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

You might not fill your cupboards with cashmere baby vests and the like, but every parent finds it hard to resist a few special things with which adorn their beloved little one. One of our favourite places at the moment is a new website called Little Hooligan which, despite the name, sells rather elegant knitwear for children from birth to two years old.

Snug Scarf, 100% merino wool, £16

In earthy shades of cream, browns and muted pinks and blues, this is a beautifully understated range of hats, scarves, jackets and jumpers that look like they're out of an episode of All Creatures Great and Small - if it was filmed by Merchant and Ivory, that is.

The company also sell other bits and bobs that have crossed their paths, like the dainty end of the Daisy Roots soft shoes range, and some uncharacteristically colourful (think '70s kitchen curtains) bibs by the fabulously named Dribblechops.

Designer Clare Hourigan launched the range after knitting a few presents for friends that went down extremely well. She plans a range of 'British seaside chic' beachwear for the spring/summer season which will be great - then holiday pictures of my 2-year-old daughter will look almost as cool as pictures of her grandma on the beach 50 years ago!

Check out the Little Hooligan website for more details.

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