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Davina McCall on Pregnancy and Fitness

Davina McCall talks bumps, babies and the realistic way to get back into shape. We also review her new DVD.

Posted: 6 March 2007
by ThinkBaby

Davina McCall
Davina McCall does a good line in haircare advertisements, but now she has released a new DVD of exercises for pregnancy and after the birth.
'My Pre and Post Natal Workouts' is a lively, down-to-earth DVD and many women will find it much less daunting than the useful bright, shiny health videos around.
Here is a Q&A with her about the DVD and about motherhood.

Why have you released this DVD?
While I’ve been pregnant I’ve looked around for a fun mellow workout to do but there weren’t any so I thought I’d better make one!

What do you hope women who buy your DVD will get out of following your workout routines?
This DVD won’t get you fit but it will keep you ticking over while you are pregnant, because when I’m pregnant all I want to do is loaf about eating chocolate but it’s really important for you and your baby to do SOMETHING! It’ll also work wonders for you post birth with getting the old jelly belly under control.

What are your motivations for working-out whilst pregnant?
My motivation is to stop me feeling so guilty about all the extra food I seem to be consuming and also importantly to help me with the birth. It’s exhausting giving birth and you need to be as strong as possible.

By following these routines during your third pregnancy, what noticeable difference do you see and feel compared to the other two pregnancies?
I have been able to regain my muscle tone much quicker. My tummy recovered and improved heaps quicker.

Why do you recommend leaving it 6 weeks after giving birth before starting the post-natal work out routines?
Giving birth is so tough on our bodies that we just need to rest and let our bodies settle. Also chances are you’ll be very tired and it’s not good to work out if you are exhausted.

How do you think your children have benefited from having a fit and healthy mum?
Well, there’s no doubt that having three littlies is very tiring and being fit just makes it that bit easier. One really noticeable thing is that I never used to run up the stairs before I started training. I’ve just started again since giving birth and it just makes my feel more spritely… and if I’m feeling really brave I go up two at a time!

Davina McCall
What cravings did you have during your three pregnancies?
Sugar, Coca Cola, chewing on ice, and gnawing sponges…. don’t ask, it must have been something to do with my gums.

Did your cravings differ during your third pregnancy whilst following the workout routines featured in the DVD?
No…. it was still sugar. Something happens to me when I get pregnant. The sensible eating goes out of the window.

How did you stop yourself from eating junk food whilst pregnant?
I try never to eat junk food. My failings are dairy and puddings. I still tried to eat three meals a day, but I was eating more than usual!

Which element of the post-natal work out is best for toning?
The whole workout is good for toning. All the exercises are designed to help you safely regain tone and strengthen muscles that have been weakened during pregnancy and birth. We especially work on abdominals as they also support your back. Pelvic floor is also targeted a lot, and we all know why that’s important!

Which element of the post-natal work out is best for fat burning?
It’s not about losing fat when you’re pregnant or have just given birth. This is not the time to jump around frantically and burn off body fat and calories that you and your baby need. The workout is designed to gently get you back into exercise and a healthy routine. There will be plenty of time when your baby is a bit older to concentrate on fat burning. By then you will have more energy and have safely regained muscle strength and endurance.

Which celebrities mums do you feel have looked healthy and amazing both pre and post giving birth?
Kate Garraway, Elle Mcpherson, Anna Friel.

'Davina: My Pre and Post Natal Workouts' is out this week on 2Entertain for £17.99.

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