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DVD review: Pilates for Pregnancy

Tash Lawton's series of DVDs show you key pilates exercises to help build a stronger and more healthy body through the stages of pregnancy, and after the birth.

Posted: 2 January 2007
by Laura Lee Davies

Pilates for Pregnancy

Easy to follow, mat pilates exercises from the first trimester of pregnancy onwards
The health warnings are clear, but sadly, if you've suffered certain conditions (like a previous miscarriage) this form of pregnancy exercise might not be for you
Features: Four DVDs in the set: first, second, and third trimesters covered, with an extra DVD for after the birth. Each DVD comes with an introduction, health notes and an option to follow the exercises with or without music
Price: £14.99 per DVD or £49.99 for all four DVDs

Pilates for Pregnancy

Tash Lawton is a trained pilates instructor who got into pregnancy pilates because she was a young mother. This series of DVDs covers each of the three trimesters and was filmed when Lawton was expecting her second child. The post-natal one was filmed after the birth and her glowing appearance in itself is a great advert for this exercise discipline!

Pilates in pregnancy
As Lawton explains, pilates is an exercise regime that builds body strength by doing small exercises which work your core muscles at the centre of your body. Pilates is not a heavy workout style of exercise, but its attention on stomach and pelvic area helps to strengthen the lower back, tummy, legs and pelvic floor - all of which take quite a beating during pregnancy and birth.
Lawton here shows you how to follow these small but important pilates movements using mat pilates (that is, without using machines, which some pilates gyms use with close supervision).

The DVDs in action
Lawton's relaxed and friendly style, plus the fact that you can see her own growing bump, helps to make these exercises seems easy to try. She is clear about what health precautions women should take and advises that any pregnant woman consult with her doctor or specialist before doing any fitness regime.
The exercises are small and Lawton is good at explaining each movement. The music (if you choose the 'with music' option) is mellow and in the background, so don't fear that this is some heavy workout you will be gasping to keep up with!
If you have never done pilates before, the instructions are pretty straightforward (and may seem slightly similar to yoga in some ways). If you are familiar with pilates, then this is a good way to keep up exercises when getting to your gym or classes might not be so easy.

The ThinkBaby verdict

Tash Lawton makes pilates seem an undaunting way to feel great within yourself and to get fit without over doing it, during pregnancy.
Usefulness: 4/5
Viewing: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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