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Father's Day is Coming – Theatre Gift Tokens

Need a quick parent-pressie fix? Take this quick quiz to find out what kind of theatreland dad you've got!

Posted: 12 June 2009
by Sarah Lawson

Theatre Gift Tokens
Thank goodness for online when it comes to last minute present buying… And this year, if you want to buck the trend for beer glass-shaped chocolate bars and M&S pants, why not get your dad tickets for a show?

There's a special Theatre Tokens CD gift pack, priced at £35.99 and £55.99 which includes a ‘Show Tunes!’ CD with a range of music from hit West End musicals, sung by a variety of people including TV favourite John Barrowman, who sings ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph and ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease.
OK, so the CD might be more something your mum would like, but also included in the gift pack is a complimentary book of money-off vouchers with offers for restaurants, weekend breaks and theatre merchandise.
Of course that's all on top of the £30 or £50 worth of Theatre Tokens (depending on which gift pack you choose). Theatre Tokens can be exchanged for theatre tickets at over 230 theatres nationwide.

Take the Theatre Tokens quiz
Theatre Tokens are celebrating their 25th anniversary by putting together this ‘What kind of dad are you?’ quiz especially for Father’s Day. Is your dad a Caractacus Potts, a Captain Von Trapp or a Mufassa?
Answer these questions to see which of those characters your dad is are most like!

1. What kind of gift would your dad like to receive from his children?
a. Car washing items
b. Theatre trip
c. Nail clippers

2. Which of these family outings would your dad prefer?
a. Interactive Science Museum
b. Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
c. Childrens Zoo / Wildlife Park

3. When it comes to DIY would your dad…?
a. Do it himself but not necessarily successfully
b. Get someone in
c. Persuade another family member to do it

4. Which playground equipment would your dad have most fun on with the kids?
a. Swings
b. See-saw
c. Climbing frame

5. When you were a small baby how did your dad transport you when out and about?
a. A baby carrier
b. A pram or pushchair
c. In his arms

6. Which is his favourite type of theatre performance?
a. Traditional musicals
b. Drama
c. Modern musicals

7. Which of these cars would your dad like to drive?
a. A classic car
b. A people carrier
c. A 4-wheel drive

8. Which of these would your dad like to wear?
a. A favourite jumper that’s seen better days
b. A tailored but casual jacket
c. A fleece

9. Which of these games would your dad enjoy playing the most?
a. Sardines
b. Tag
c. Hide & Seek

So what type of dad have you got? If you answered mostly A’s then your dad's a Caractacus Potts. If you answered mostly B’s your dad's a Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music and if you answered mostly C’s your dad's a Mufassa from The Lion King.

1. Caractacus Potts, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Child focused
Fun and spontaneous

2. Captain Von Trapp, The Sound of Music
Likes structure
Heart of Golg

3. Mufassa, The Lion King
A leader
Firm but fair
Protective and strong

We hope you had fun!
For a full list of participating theatres and details of the Token offers available can be found at

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