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Halloween fun for babies and toddlers

Just because they're too young for trick-or-treat, little ones can still get in on the pumpkin party!

Posted: 23 October 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Woolworths Halloween range
Halloween has become as big a deal here in the UK as it has been for decades in the US, but whether your little devils go the whole hog with gruesome make-up, ghoulish props and bucket loads of booty from raiding the neighbours for treats, or you just want to have a bit of fun at home with mashed pumpkin babyfood and your infant in a cute costume, there are lots of fun ideas in store for you…

If you check out your local Disney store or their website, you'll find some great costumes for children three years and up. Their Minnie The Bat costume is a classy seasonal Minnie Mouse outfit for £15, or pick up a pair of fairy wings if your child is more a helpful elf than a cheeky imp!
Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas range also includes a Jack Skellington costume (£15) and other trinkets and decorations starting at £5.

At Woolworths you can stock up on themed sweets for warding off trick or treaters who call at your door, or buy some gorgeous witchy princess outfits alongside vampires, a really scary wolf outfit (!) and our favourite, a little pumpkin costume for babies! At Woolies the costumes cost around £8 to £10 and they have an offer online and in store: buy one costume and get a second half price.

It's all ripping fun, but do remember to wrap babies and toddlers up warm on October 31, and bear in mind that some children, like pets, don't like unexpected loud noises or flashes from things like fireworks.

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