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Komfi's new child's mattress

Made from the same material NASA use for astronauts, these new mattresses for toddlers and children offer great support in sleep.

Posted: 22 September 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

The new Memory Foam Mattress from Komfi isn't about remembering your dreams, or even about memory recall when you sleep on it (!), but the first mattress designed for children which is made from a special kind of foam that works with the body's weight, shape and needs.

Product images of the Komfi Mattress
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The new product is the first ever children’s mattress constructed entirely from visco-elastic memory foam to be made available in the UK.
The fabric is also engineered by NASA to help astronauts cope with the pressures on the human body created by being launched into space.

Komfi have used research into the sleeping habits and physiological requirements of children aged from two to 12 to create the mattress.
The outcome is a 190 x 91 x 15cm single mattress, which contains a 5cm thick layer of premium memory foam supported by a 10cm layer of density foam (RRP £249). The two heat-responsive foams work together to redistribute the weight of a growing body and reduce surface pressure.
This ensures that blood vessels do not compress – a problem that can inhibit circulation and cause skin tissue irritation. The mattress has an easy-clean hypoallergenic removable cover.
There's also a 190 x 76 x 15cm bunk/underbed mattress (RRP £229) and a children’s pillow (£39), which can mould to accommodate the shoulder's natural curve to keep the spine in correct alignment. It also allows muscles and ligaments to relax.

For more details about these and the matching bedding and pjs you can get, visit or call 0800 652 4445.

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