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Lansinoh's Latch Assist

Breastfeeding experts Lansinoh have come up with a simple but clever way to help new mums get the best from breastfeeding

Posted: 10 May 2009
by Laura Lee Davies

Latch Assist

In the first days of breastfeeding you and your baby are getting used to a whole new experience.
Whilst you may have to deal with problems like cracked nipples and mastitis, if you can get through the first couple of weeks, the bonding and physical benefits for you and your baby are rich indeed.
However, one of the less obvious problems which can arise before you have really got into your feeding regime, is engorgement. This is when your boobs are full of milk but your baby is having trouble latching on in order to drain them successfully. The result can be painful for you, frustrating for your hungry baby and leave you both feeling tired and fed up!

The Lansinoh Latch Assist
Now Lansinoh have developed a clever little device to help with this very specific but important breastfeeding problem.
Because your boobs are so full of milk, even normally easy-to-find nipples can become flattened, making it hard for your baby to latch on. This device gently draws out the nipple so that it's easy for your baby to get on and get feeding!
In those early weeks, when your baby's sleeping and feeding routines are erratic and you may find that you haven't given your child a feed for some hours, this problem of swollen breasts can re-occur, but if you keep this nifty little device to hand, you will soon ease your way into a more regular routine that will suit you and your baby in the months ahead.
It's a smart and inexpensive little thing, but, although it addresses a very particular problem for a short period of your time as a new mum, we think it's an invaluable device to know about!
It has an RRP of £7.95 and is available at Mothercare.

About Lansinoh
From breastpads to breast pumps, Lansinoh make great products to help mums enjoy the breastfeeding experience and enabling them to continue feeding their babies with their own milk for longer.
For more about the company and their range, go to

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