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Maclaren launches skincare range

Swapping buggies for bottles, Maclaren have designed a new range of all-natural oils, balms and bath products for expectant mothers, new mums, and babies.

Posted: 26 February 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Maclaren Embrace Kit
Embrace Kit (£20)
Maclaren are better known for wheels rather than oils… But now they have launched a range of bodycare treatments for mother and baby, rooted in physical and spiritual well being.
Maclaren Beginning is a series of skincare products which are formulated with the finest essential oils and other all-natural products to help soothe the body, de-stress the mind and create a better, balanced feeling for new mothers and their children.

Purity… nurturing… and connection
Where Maclaren’s motto might well have been ‘Four wheels good’ for the past several decades, the Beginning Range has rather more gentle watchwords.
Purity All the ingredients are natural and the essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and on baby’s skin. (Some of the items do carry a warning to avoid use in the first trimester of pregnancy.) The blends are free from the usual additives like artificial colours, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate etc. The products also have a Soil Association symbol to show their organic credentials.
Nurturing The essential oils used have been blended not only for good skincare but also to encourage relaxation and a feeling of well-being.
Connection The rituals of massaging oils and cleansing with good bath milks helps to give you and your baby some special time together.

Mums in need of me-time
The special values that Maclaren are bringing to the Beginning collection are at the core of a lot of great mother-and-baby care ranges, but we like the flexibility of this range because pregnant women and new mothers rarely have time to spend mixing and matching their lotions and potions.
If you can enjoy that splash of something healthy and luxurious when you do get rare moments to yourself at bathtime, then afterwards you don’t have to feel like a scientist separating out other special mixtures for your baby.

Maclaren Travel Bag
Travel Bag (£35)
Oils, bath milks and balms
As well as three starter kits (the Embrace and Pause are £20 each, the Travel Bag Group is £35), you can buy the different items separately.
Some, under the ‘Journey of Motherhood’ title, are based in orange essential oil for an envigorating and refreshing experience, like the Connecting Massage Oil (£13), Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir (£9) and the Alleviating Leg Lotion (£9).

The ‘Journey of Life’ products feature lavender essential oil for calming and comforting with baby. They include the Cocooning Massage Oil (£10), Calming Bath Milk (£9), the Protecting Nappy Change Balm (£9), and the Comforting Room Mist (£7).

Where to get them
Whether you buy a set or try out one or two bottles first, we think these make a great baby shower gift or Mother’s Day present.
The Beginning range is available exclusively through Harrods (call 01327 841 310 for stockist details), but you can also buy them online at

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