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Mamas & Papas' Primo Pappa Evo highchair

This feeding chair mixes ultra-modern white style and comfort with traditional needs for flexible mealtimes.

Posted: 28 August 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Mamas & Papas Prima Pappa Evo Highchair
Mamas & Papa's Prima Pappa Evo high chair is an update of their best-selling Primo Pappa model. Sturdy and comfortable, with a padded seat which is much more plush and cosy than most high chairs on the market, the Evo has a new function: it can recline so your baby can enjoy a post-meal snooze!
The seat is a real mix of classic high chair design - with wide, sturdy legs and a footrest - and a style that suits modern living: the white leatherette seat looks like it's come from a private jet!
As with so many parenting products now, M&P have realised that flexibility in items like a high chair is a strong selling point. Thus, the hair chair not only has four reclining positions and seven height settings, but the tray can be used for meals when your child is eating on his own, or removed when you want to pull the chair close to the table and dine as a family.
It has four wheels but two are lockable so it's safe once your child is sitting in it, and the wheels are also designed so they don't damage your floors.
The Prima Pappa Evo is suitable from four months to three years and has an RRP of £150. It comes in other patterns outside the sleek Pure range.

For more, visit the Mamas & Papas website.

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