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Mamas & Papas' Pure Pocket for buggies

A neat and stylish bag that fits easily to the back of your pushchair and even has an i-Pod hole for your headphones...

Posted: 17 August 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

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With their simple, earthy fabric tones and sleek designs, Mamas & Papas specialise in signature nursery essentials that suit the modern mum or dad.
The new Pure range is full of elegantly simple designs from buggies to cots to high chairs, in colourways that are muted and a far cry from the bold, bright playtime feel that many companies are doing. Their new Pure colours are Fossil (a dark shale tone which is almost black), Vapour (a lighter, slatey grey colour), and Shadow (light grey).
If you enjoy the fun of primary hues, then you might prefer something louder, but M&P's Pure range is ideal for urban living where you want your newfound parenthood to be part of your existing style and life.

The Mamas & Papas Pure Pocket
We love this simple buggy bag, designed to attach securely to the back of your pushchair, without the hazzard or weighing it down like a conventional bag would.
Quite a few companies make these nifty bags now but we like this one because its separate pouches make it easy to keep bottles upright, and it even has a little studded hole in the top, which you can thread your i-Pod headphones through to enjoy music on the go!
(Monica here at ThinkBaby would like to point out that of course we expect you to turn your music off when you're crossing roads with your child... Very safety conscious, our Mon!)
The Pure Pocket fits the M&P Pure range of buggies - the Skoot, Moove and Zoom - and is available in Vapour (slatey grey). It's RRP is £20.

For more, visit the Mamas & Papas website.

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