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Mamas & Papas 'snooze' cradle

M&P's range of classy, simple nursery essentials includes a gorgeous rocking baby's cradle - promisingly named 'snooze'!

Posted: 31 July 2006
by Susan Lawson

Mamas & Papas have a great new line called Pure which pretty much sums up their trademark simplicity but reputation for using quality materials.
Mamas & Papas Snooze Cradle

The Pure line includes various buggies and other nursery essentials, and we'll take a look at some of those over the coming weeks, but we thought we'd first look at the snooze (yes, it does have a lower case 's') rocking cradle as we think it's - rockin'!

Unlike many baby seats of a similar design, which have a small amount of spring to them, the snooze has a gentle rocking action and can be set in three positions so your baby can sit up (well supported) or recline for napping.

Also, many other such seats tend to be on rigid frames, but the snooze folds flat - great for storage and for taking with you when you're on your travels.

The covers are soft and padded (with a head-hugger for new babies), and can be removed. The instructions do say you should hand-wash unfortunately, rather than machine-wash, but in our family's experience, even 'surface-wash' cuddly toys survive the washing machine when they've got too encrusted in food, milk and wee to bear!

Mamas & Papas Snooze Cradle

The snooze is suitable from birth until about six months (or until your baby can sit up), and is available in 'vapour' - that's a light greyish earth tone to you and me!
It costs £75.

For more about the snooze and other Mamas & Papas items, visit the Mamas & Papas website.

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