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Mutsy Urban Rider pushchair

Mix and match the body and the seat for a funky, solid pushchair from birth upwards.

Posted: 5 December 2006
by Sarah Lawson

The Mutsy Urban Rider is as feisty and funky as its name suggests.
Flexible and well designed, it’s a solid pushchair that can turn into any number of different modes for your different daily needs:
Mutsy Urban Rider Pushchair
From the basic chassis (you can pick your preferred frame), you build on a carrycot to make a pram, you click in a car seat* to use it as a quick drive-and-go option when out and about, or you can position the body as a standard pushchair. Each option clicks into place easily without you needing a degree in engineering.
Add to this the Duo seat for two babies, plus the snazzy, especially designed step-up board for older children to ride on the back, and you can get your whole family on the go in no time!
*It takes a Mutsy Safe To Go reclining car seat or the Cabrio or the Maxi Cosi Citi seats.

Sturdy and speedy
This pushchair has air-filled tyres, making it a bouncy walk which helps take some of the shock-absorption out of your back!
Some air-filled tyres can be a bind, but with the Mutsy, there is a cute little pump hidden away as part of the body of the buggy, for any-day use. The tyres are anti-puncture – and though we haven’t put this to the test over broken glass, they do seem to be pretty solid.
The wheels at the front and back operate independently so it’s easy to negotiate busy streets or those little boutiques you slip into when your baby is sleeping… The only downside to well-built models like this, is that, when they are in use, they are big, and if you take the bus or train a lot, you might not find this such a good option for you. However, we do like the way it stands up on its own when it’s folded.

Change it to meet your physical needs
As well as an adjustable handlebar for parents, the seat options can be moved for comfort, and depth of the seat – as well as the footrest – moves as your child’s body and legs grow.
The seat also moves from front to rear facing if you want to see your child or if your baby enjoys the interaction with you in those early months.

Mutsy Urban Rider Pushchair
Need to know: colour, weight, how much, and where to get it
The Mutsy Urban Rider has an RRP of £239 for the chassis. Add to that the Deluxe seat (£99), Fabric Carrycot (£129), the Duo Seat (£119) or the car seat adaptor for the Maxi Cosi Cabrio (£17.50).
(You can find some very good prices online to beat these RRPs.)
The Mutsy is available in black, sand, anthracite, red, lime, and ice blue. It weighs 16.25kg overall and can be folded down without the wheels (which are easy to take on and off) when you need it to be more compact. The handle height goes up 114cm and its turning circle is 2.38cm.

For more, check out the or call 01509 816555.

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This is a wonderful piece of equipment going from birth to approx 3 years. I brought mine secondhand, could not afford new one (boo hoo) but all the same would not be without it now. Comfortable for mum or dad to push, big wheels better ride for baby and handle high enough for even the tallest of parents. If using from birth you have a choice of car seat or carrycot which both attach to frame and then from 6 months the deluxe seat unit. If by any chance you suddenly need a double pushchair no need to go and buy seperate one just get the duo seat which fits on same frame and two ride for the price of one!! The only rear drive pushchair and once mastered it is easy driving it around the shops or over beaches or woodland. My son loves being in it and i love pushing it - it is the wonderful brilliant Mutsy Urban Rider.

Posted: 19/02/2007 at 22:59

Hi I read your review today and I'm glad to hear you love your Mutsy. We would like to buy the other Mutsy '4rider' but when we went to see one in the shop I was a bit disappointed with the fabric. It was the plain shiny one but it appeared to have deep creases all over which I fear may end up getting worse. I know there are 2 fabrics - a shiny waffle type in red or turquoise but I really like the grey. What has yours been like. Do you need the carry cot if you also buy the lie flat car seat?

Posted: 24/02/2007 at 23:31

Hello! I have just read the very helpful review from Susan Reed on the Mutsy Urban Rider (many thanks!), I note that the message is from last Feb though and there doesn't seem to be any more threads on it.

Me and my OH are deliberating on getting one at the moment, we both love the look and everything about it - does anyone have any bad points on it?

Also, we wondered if you need the carry cot if you get the lie flat car seat as well??

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you kindly.


Posted: 05/02/2008 at 13:18

Hi Melanie, I have had the mutsy urban rider twice. I loved it that much there was no other pram for me, and I will be getting it again if I have any more. I had it in red for my second son and in lime green for my third. The only down side to it is going backwards if you are in a shop or something it can be difficult to manouver but you can always turn the swivvel off which just makes it like a normal pram. You do not need the carrycot top with the lay flat car seat but I can recomend it, my son slept in it for 5 months and had his use out of it. Plus the car seat is not the easiest to get in and out of the car and I found it easier to leave it fastened in. I think there is a newborn insert you can get that makes the pushchair pram like and suitable from birth rather than buying both tops if space is an issue! I love the fact that it is steerable, I could not go back to a normal pram after having this. The owner of the pram shop where I bought it says it is the rolls royce of prams! I hope this helps, you wont regret buying it. I have come to the conclusion that there is no reviews on it because there is no complaints about it, there are plenty of reviews about rubbish prams/pushchairs. Also, when you are finnished with it they sell for a fair price on e-bay!

Posted: 05/02/2008 at 16:24

Hi Nicola, many, many thanks for getting back so quickly and for being so informative. That really is a great help. This is our first baby and we have looked at so many prams but this was the only one I felt attached to and excited about and now I just can't wait to be getting one!!

All the best!

Posted: 05/02/2008 at 16:30

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