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Nappi Nippas for cloth nappies

Pin-free grips to keep real nappies in place!

Posted: 2 November 2006
by Monica Stylli

Nappi Nippas
Here at ThinkBaby we love a good re-usable nappy, and whilst some of the newer ones on the market can be fastened with poppers or velcro, the original Terry cloth ones cannot.
One dad found this out the hard way and after years of stabbing himself with safety pins decided to invent an easier way to fasten his baby's cloth nappy.
Nappi Nippas are simple t-shaped grips which stretch to keep cloth nappies in place. They are made from non-toxic material and are fully re-usable.

A single pack of Nappi Nippas costs £1.70 and they are available in a range of colours.
For more information on the Nappi Nippas range and stockists, visit

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