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NUK's 'green' feeding bottles

NUK's glass feeding bottles mean you can offer your baby a Bisphenol-A free feed and be more environmentally friendly

Posted: 8 October 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

NUK red

We are now more conscious than ever of trying to be green families wherever possible. Thus, there is a trend which is beginning to move away from plastic baby feeding bottles and back towards the glass bottles our own mums would have been fed with! Additionally, there is growing concern about some plastic bottles containing Bisphenol-A. Put these two things together and you can see why a brand like NUK, which has always tried to make the bottle feeding experience as natural as possible, is now offering new parents the option of glass bottles as well as carefully designed plastic ones.

NUK First Choice Glass Bottles

When NUK recently started selling their glass bottles online they were immediately swamped with orders. As well as addressing some parents' concerns about the chemicals found in some plastic baby feeding bottles, the bottles have the added bonus of being completely recycleable when you have finished with them (though the latex teats would need to be taken to a recycling centre rather than put in your regular plastics collection). The glass bottles also come with the trademark NUK orthodontic teat which was developed over 50 years ago, to offer the baby a sucking experience which better replicates the experience of breastfeeding than most regular bottle teats. The NUK First Choice teat also has an extra wide lip support to ensure the teat simulates breast feeding as close as technically possible.

Making the transition from breast to bottle easier

Both these aspects of the NUK teat design enable mothers to either combine breastfeeding and bottle feeds when they need to (if going back to work means daytime feeds need to be given by bottle, for example, or if they are physically not able to breastfeed for a period).
Additionally this can really help when a woman who is solely breastfeeding for the first year needs to be away from her child for certain feeds but wants her child to feel the continuity of taking expressed milk from a bottle in as natural a way as possible.

NUK blue

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The Bisphenol-A free range from NUK

The NUK First Choice bottle is available in 120ml and 240ml sizes and comes in two designs with a rocking horse or toy theme.
NUK also sell their Comfort Breast Pump in Bisphenol-A free plastic so that the whole process can be as safe as parents want it to be!

First Choice glass bottles are available direct from NUK at or see the website for details of stockists.

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