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On Call Pregnancy Test Kit

The Early Detection One Step Ultra Pregnancy Test is easy to use and clear to read.

Posted: 16 November 2006
by Monica Stylli

On-Call Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Fast and clear results with a high sensitivity to even small hCG levels in urine
No problems with this kit
Features: Results in three minutes, 99 per cent accurate
Price: £3.49
Contact: Test in Private

One Step Ultra Pregnancy Test
When you are looking for a pregnancy testing kit, there are various options you can choose. For more information, check out our Buyer's Guide to Pregnancy Test Kits.
Pregnancy tests work by looking for the hormone (hCG) which is produced once you get pregnant. At first there is very little of this hormone present, but by the time you are due for your next period, there is likely to be about 100mlU/mL present in your urine. To be on the safe side, and to ensure there will be an unmistakable amount of the hormone present, most tests, like this one, suggest you take the test on or after the first day your regular period is missed. However, this test should be able to detect as little as 10mlU/mL so it could be senstive even before your period is due.

In action
The test is easy to use.
It involves dipping the end of the test stick in the flow of your urine for 10 seconds, then laying the test flat and checking the results after three minutes. You can do the test at anytime during the day, though in pregnant women, the hCG hormone is most concentrated during your first morning visit to the loo. (There will be no hCG present if you are not pregnant.)
We found it fast and reliable and easy to read. A coloured line in the control window confirms that you have done the test properly and that enough urine was absorbed by the test strip. However, you must make sure you don't urinate over the test and control windows.
The results will last for a few minutes but it is not reliably clear after 10 minutes have elapsed.

The ThinkBaby verdict

A simple, cheap and highly sensitive pregnancy test kit
Usefulness: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Value: 5/5

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