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Peter Walker's new baby massage DVD

World-renowned champion of baby massage produces a new DVD to help parents and teachers learn more about the joys and value of the art.

Posted: 26 September 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Baby massage is a wonderful first experience that new babies and parents can enjoy together.
Developmental Baby Massage with Peter Walker DVD

Easy to learn at a class, and to do every day at home with your child, it can stimulate a baby's growth, health and flexibility, as well as enabling a new parent to feel confident handling their child.
Peter Walker is a respected expert and enthusiastic voice in this field and teaches around the world. He has written many books on the subject. He has also released videos and DVDs, and his new DVD is a treat.
Usually, if you are going along to a baby massage group, you don't start to do massage until a child is about 10 weeks old. Often, whilst groups are usually friendly and relaxed, it can seem a daunting new skill to learn in front of other people. This DVD is therefore a valuable starting point.
'Developmental Baby Massage' is an up to date teaching aid to Developmental Baby Massage from birth to standing and includes some well tried and tested techniques for some babies with special needs.
Chapters of the DVD include 'Preparation – what you need'; 'Following birth - from the first few days onwards'; 'Holding and Reassuring'; 'Head Control'; 'Waking time spent playing on the tummy'; 'What to do if your baby missed laying on their tummy'; 'Developmental baby Massage routine'; 'Sitting – 3 easy steps'; 'Standing – 3 easy steps'; 'What to do if: Your baby’s arms and shoulders are stiff, Your baby’s legs and hips are stiff, Your baby arches backwards and forwards in pain', 'Congestion of the nostrils and lungs', 'Glue Ear'; 'Tiger in the Tree and a Cranial Sacral Technique'.

The DVD is available direct from Peter Walker's excellent website, for £15 and includes P&P. The website itself has some great tips on 'soft gynmastics' and yoga for older babies and children, as well.

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