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phil&teds smartbuggy

The lower-case two-wheeler buggy for those who live life in CAPTIAL LETTERS.

Posted: 14 April 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

New Zealanders might have got hip to the concept of outdoor recreation decades before us, but NZ company phil&teds have discovered there's a real passion for their rugged buggies and accessories in the UK, too.

phil&teds' philosophy is to look at the world "through the eyes of a child and then through the eyes of the parents". The fusing of the parents' lifestyle pre-kids and their needs once they have children is a popular one: Bugaboo and now just about everyone else in the market have given pushchairs, prams and three-wheelers the makeover in terms of flexible design, funky colours and thoughtful extras.

Who'd have thought, when were young, that anyone would think to make the handle of a pushchair easy to adjust to the height of the man or woman pushing it? In those days usually it was mum who did all the legwork!

Additionally, most companies make ranges which are light but strong, simultaneously ideal for joggers to take baby cross-country and beleagured parents negotiating lifts to their flats.

One thing we really like about phil&teds' smartbuggy is that it takes the idea of trailing the buggy on two wheels (many brands do this option now, for dragging the pushchair through sand, bounding across rugged terrain or even just to get round tight boutique aisles more easily) and adds a cute stand on the front. Sure, it looks like these insane Kiwis have done the equivalent of adding two square wheels to the front of a sportscar, but in reality, the back wheels are strong enough for the pushchair to tootle about town on and the stands make it stop solidly. The stands obviously also take up far less room (when open or closed) than two more wheels.

The Bugaboo range does all this and more, but usually by pulling levers and clicking wheels on and off, where the smartbuggy is a little less sophisticated but thus - a little more no-nonsense. It comes in charcoal or red. Check out the phil&teds website for more about what the company does.

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