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Pregnancy shopping list

Some parents-to-be don't like to buy nursery products until close to the due date, but what should you buy now, and what should you budget for?

Posted: 9 November 2007
by Louise Rogers

You may think that being pregnant means you should be chilling out and putting your feet up, but you can only do this if you’re next to your computer shopping online, or have a partner who’s willing to do all the legwork for you.
There’s a vast amount of stuff you need, for you and your baby, and while you may be able to beg or borrow some of it from friends and family, a little shopping is inevitable.
Here’s the Thinkbaby guide to what you need and when. Use our reviews to help you decide what’s right for you. For tips on what to look for, check out individual Buyer's Guides in the Products section of ThinkBaby.

For you

Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Bra
Maternity wear essentials maternity bras (avoid underwiring and do get yourself measured), knickers (under or over your bump), pyjamas, a few key pieces such as T-shirts, trousers, cardigan, skirt or dress. If you have the cash, add a few extras, but remember to mix and match as much as possible as you don’t want to buy more than you need for this short period of time.
Nursing bras get measured a few weeks before your due date to get a realistic idea of your size. It’s a good idea to have three (one to wear, one in the wash and one spare), plus a night-time one.
Breast pads disposables are convenient, but reusables can go into any wash.
Changing bag there are loads of lovely ones around, so choose one you’ll be proud to carry.
Toiletries make sure what you buy doesn’t contain any chemicals or essential oils that are contraindicated during pregnancy. You may want to try and prevent stretch marks by rubbing in plenty of oil or cream – there are lots of products that claim to help, Mama Mio’s smell heavenly.
Maternity pads (heavy duty sanitary towels) which are usually not so full of foul chemicals as regular sanitary towels.

For your baby
Nappies Go for 'newborn' sizes and just buy a few for now, you don't need to stock up on them, one pack of 32 will be fine, or of course, a starter pack of reusable ones (though you may want to be some biodegradable disposable ones for while you're in hospital).
Baby clothes vests, babygrows (about half a dozen of each), plus scratch mitts, hats, a snowsuit for winter babies, bootees and mittens. While it’s nice to have a smart outfit to show him off in, it’s not essential, and remember, you may be given clothes, either as presents or hand-me-downs from other parents.
Car seat (don’t be tempted to buy second-hand – your baby’s safety is paramount) which at this age is an 'infant carrier'. If you have your baby in hospital and are going home by car, you won't be allowed to leave wthout one.
Pushchair see our reviews and do your research before shelling out loads of money on the latest model.
Baby carrier useful for keeping baby close in the early weeks.
Baby monitor though your baby should be sleeping in the same room as you for the first few months (though not in your bed).
Baby bath (or support to use in your bath if you prefer).

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump
Nappy cream
Baby toiletries though in the early weeks just water is fine for topping and tailing, and for baths, even to wash through hair.
Steriliser and bottles if not breastfeeding.
Bottle warmer
Breast pump though you may want to wait six weeks or so to start expressing.
Muslin squares Useful for mopping up sick etc, and for drying baby's bottom after a water-and-cotton-wool nappy change. (Cotton wool for drying gets too messy.) Buy ones in two colours so you have one lot for 'top' and one lot for 'bottom'.
Towels (hooded ones are great for snuggling baby into after a bath) More clothes choose soft clothes that are easy to move in - sleepsuits rather than baby jeans, for example!
Toys you’re sure to be given some, but things that can be grabbed, bashed and make a noise always go down well (with baby, that is!)

For your home
Moses basket/carrycot
Cot (not essential until about eight to 12 weeks, but worth considering now)
Bedding including plenty of sheets and blankets – you’ll be changing this with great frequency!
Baby sleeping bag (these can be very useful for wriggly babies)
Changing station (not essential, but it’s worth considering one that will last beyond the baby stage)
Changing mat If you want to save money, buy a fold-up one that you can use out and about as well as at home, though mats don't tend to be expensive. Travel cot (again, not essential immediately because you can take your Moses basket on trips, but it could double as a playpen).

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