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Questionnaire: what pushchair suits you?

So you're pregnant and you don't know where to start in choosing a pushchair. Travel system? Pram? Combi? Answer our multiple choice questions and find out what suits you!

Posted: 16 October 2009
by Louise Rogers

What’s the best buggy for you?
Take a trip to any nursery store and you’ll be faced with an array of pushchairs – in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.
Chances are you’ve got friends and relatives offering advice (all conflicting of course) and even after reading loads of reviews you still can’t make your mind up which one’s right for you.
The best place to start is by deciding what you want from a pushchair, and narrowing your options from there (there’s no point buying a traditional pram if you always travel by bus, for example).

We want to help you on your way, so try our quick questionnaire and see if it points you to the buggy of your dreams (if you’re looking for a double buggy, whether for twins or siblings, we’ve made suggestions for these too)…

Bugaboo Gecko
1. Where do you live?
a) The heart of the countryside
b) City centre
c) Average-sized town

2. How do you prefer to get around?
a) I prefer to walk but tend to drive a lot
b) Bus, train, foot
c) Most of my local amenities are within walking distance, otherwise I drive

3. What sort of car do you drive?
a) Four-wheel drive
b) Small hatchback
c) Family saloon/estate car

4. How often do you anticipate folding the pushchair to fit it in the boot?
a) Pretty much daily
b) 1-2 times a week
c) 4-5 times a week

5. Which of the following best describes your home?
a) Big house, big hallway, big garage
b) Flat with small hallway
c) Average house, would love something bigger

Mamas & Papas Ziko Frankie
6. Where will you store your pushchair?
a) In the garage
b) Anywhere I won’t trip over it!
c) In the hallway

7. Will you need to fold down your pushchair for storage at home?
a) Rarely
b) Always
c) Mostly

8. How do you like to spend your weekends?
a) Roaming hill and dale, enjoying fresh air
b) Shopping, visiting galleries
c) Meeting friends and relatives

9. How would you describe your personal style?
a) Modern classic
b) Modern minimalist
c) Quite conservative

10. What’s the most you can spend on a pushchair?
a) Budget? What budget?
b) As little as possible
c) Up to £300

Mostly A
Money to burn, space no object – lady are we jealous of you! Seriously, though, you have plenty of options.
If you’re a real country gal and intend to go off-pavement, a rugged three-wheeler is your best bet – modern versions look good around town, too, such as those by Phil & Ted’s, Mountain Buggy and Jané.
Make sure you choose one with good suspension; look out too for jogging straps, hand and foot brakes and the option of fixed and swivel wheels (fixed is best on rough terrain, swivel on smoother pavements).
As you drive a great deal, you may find it useful to buy one that’s car-seat compatible. If you’re less of a hiker (or prefer your off-road adventures with baby in a carrier), a travel system may suit you better: Concord’s Neo is particularly luxurious, as are models by Mamas & Papas or Silver Cross.
But if style and practicality are key, the Bugaboo Cameleon or Gecko will fit the bill – they’re versatile enough to give a smooth ride on any terrain, you get a carrycot and a seat (which can be used forward or rear facing), and a MaxiCosi car seat can fit onto the chassis.
A buggy for twins: Mountain Buggy does a great side-by-side double (and triple!) buggy, otherwise the Jané Twin Two and Mamas & Papas Duette are tandems with both seats suitable from birth.
A buggy for siblings: Phil & Ted’s has a baby seat attachment (it looks like your baby is stuffed underneath, but I’m assured the little ones are perfectly comfortable).

Mostly B
Urban mama, we salute you. You’re resourceful and want to fit your new arrival into your existing lifestyle.
With your budget and space constraints, the obvious answer for you is a compact, lightweight model: Maclaren and Cosatto offer traditional umbrella-fold models that you can fold in an instant and hide away in virtually any car boot or hallway, and they won’t break the bank. Many of these, as well as being umbrella-fold, have a seat that is fully reclinable, so are suitable to use from birth.

Silver Cross Dazzle
Graco is another brand that’s always good value and generally on the lighter, more compact side. The Silver Cross Dazzle was designed with you in mind – its carrycot mode will give your newborn a luxury ride without filling your house and it looks great in an understated way. And if you do come into money, the Micralite Toro is a great looker and gives a cosy carrycot, while the latest Bugaboo, the Bee, is stylish, lightweight, compact – what more could you want?
A buggy for twins: Maclaren, Cosatto and Mamas & Papas have good side-by-side umbrella-fold buggies that don’t take up masses more space than the single versions.
A buggy for siblings: look for tandem buggies by Graco and Mothercare for great value.

Mostly C
Sounds like you’re a suburban superstar.
Opting to walk rather than drive where possible gives you brownie (or should that be greenie?) points, but a buggy that will take a car seat is probably a useful option, and I suspect you’d prefer it to co-ordinate, so a compact travel system might be the answer, such as the Silver Cross 3D, Bébé Confort Loola or the Inglesina Zippy.
Alternatively, a more ‘urban’ three-wheeler could be the answer: Mothercare’s Urban Detour range offers great value (you may even get a car seat thrown in for your £300). Look out for adjustable suspension to cope with the potholes in the pavement, a cosy footmuff for bracing winter days and a robust hood and raincover to cope with all the British weather can throw at you.
A good sized basket underneath will help carry your shopping and other items.
A buggy for twins: see above or try the Mamas & Papas Aria Twin, the Urban Detour double or the Combi We 2.
A buggy for siblings: look out for the Combi Caterpillar Tandem or the Mothercare Hoxton, which is very compact.

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This is  a  lightweight three wheeler which is easy to fold and carry. Ideal for quick shopping trips and little jaunts. I would prefer a four wheeler which is a bit more rugged now baby's getting bigger but still needs to be light and easily handled.

Posted: 28/03/2008 at 19:47

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