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Reusable Nappies - What Baby Harvey Thinks of Them!

ThinkBaby mums give reusable nappies a try with bumGenius One Size real nappies – here's what mum Vicky and son Harvey thought…

Posted: 30 April 2009
by Vicky Harris, ThinkBaby Mum

Smart Real Nappies from Bum Genius
We invited ThinkBaby mums who usually use disposable nappies to give reusable nappies a try, and to give us their honest opinions of how they got on. Over the next few days we'll be tracing their feedback, starting with mum Vicky and 11-month-old son Harvey…

Vicky says:
The BumGenius is certainly working very well. Harvey seemed very comfortable in the nappy and was able to walk, cruise and crawl as usual!

When I took it off I didn't notice any red marks so it's a very good fit.
Harvey wore one to bed last night and I used both inserts as I really wanted to avoid any leaking nappies especially as we co-sleep. Despite having the nappy on for nearly 12 hours there were no leaks and the outside cover felt dry.
I was really impressed as I didn't know a cloth nappy could be so absorbent, especially as its so slim fitting!

bumGenius sent me four nappies and I wanted to use them full time for this trial so I put two nappies in the washing machine with Harvey's clothes this morning and they are currently drying.

So far I have really enjoyed using them but have to remember not to put them in the bin like I would do with disposables!

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