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Reusable Nappies – What Baby Alyssa Thinks!

What did 10-week-old Aylssa think of real nappies when she and mum Anna gave bumGenius a go for ThinkBaby?

Posted: 4 May 2009
by Anna Ridley, ThinkBaby mum

To mark Real Nappy Week 2009, we invited ThinkBaby mums who usually use disposable nappies to give bumGenius reusable nappies a try, and to give us their honest opinions of how they got on.
Here mum Anna gave them a try with her daughter, 10-week-old Alyssa.

Anna says:
Writing this as a die-hard disposable user, I was convinced that cloth nappies would be far too "complicated" and messy to use. I was sure that they would be fiddly and time-consuming and less convenient than the disposables we had been using.
How wrong I was! These are so easy to use - they go on just like disposables do. In terms of mess, they are actually far less messy than disposables are, as the moisture was just whisked away from Alyssa's delicate skin and contained within the insert.
Even a liquidy, breastfed baby poo was largely sucked into the insert, leaving the lining of the nappy quite dry against Alyssa's bottom.

She seems to love them too; they look much more comfortable on her than disposables do, leaving hardly any red marks on her legs or bottom, and keeping her bone dry with no leaks!
They were also much less bulky than I feared; they fit beautifully under Alyssa's clothes. The fit is so good, and I can see them fitting equally well as Alyssa grows, learns to crawl, and subsequently to walk.

They were so easy to clean as well; just pop them in the washing machine, then hang out on the clothesline. They dried very quickly, too. Couldn't be simpler!

We're now convinced that cloth nappies are anything but complicated - they're wonderful!
We now look forward to continuing to use them, and have been singing the praises of the bumGenius nappies to everyone; they're brilliant.

Thank you once again for giving us the chance to find out just how great they are. We have thoroughly enjoyed putting them to the test and will heartily recommend them!
Anna and Alyssa Ridley.

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