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Review: 21st Century Babies' Names

Jacqueline Harrod has scoured the registers of the Family Records Centre and researched the new millennium’s current most popular names.

Posted: 1 November 2006
by Monica Stylli

21st Century Babies' Names by Jacqueline Harrod

Well laid out with both boys' and girls' names alphabetised seperately.
Not much to fault
Features: Full names and their original meanings and derivations listed alongside their famous literary, historical or legendary associations.
Price: £5.99 RRP
Contact: Elliot Right Way Books

21st Century Babies

What's in a name?
If you're expecting a baby then choosing a suitable name for your new addition is probably the last thing on your mind! This cheap and cheerful book of names has been compiled by Jacqueline Harrod using information gathered from the Family Records Centre and offers a good selection of both boys and girls names.
Alphabetised for your convenience, the names you'll find here range from the weird and wonderful Duffs & Merioths to your everyday Alexanders & Davids. Each name has an origin, meaning or association attached (incase you were hoping to name your child after a literary figure or even a saint!).
Our favourites here at ThinkBaby include 'Ezra' for a boy, from the Hebrew meaning 'to help' or after the American poet and essayist Ezra Pound and 'Melita' for a girl from the Latin meaning 'sweet as honey'.
However you decide to name your baby, this book is sure to offer a few suggestions!

The ThinkBaby verdict

A fabulous, constructive and insightful book for parents.
Usefulness: 4/5
Readability: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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