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Review: Bébé Confort Loola Pushchair

This front- and rear-facing pushchair can easily convert into a travel system, and comes it lots of groovy colours for 2007.

Posted: 26 February 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Bébé Confort Loola Pushchair

Easy to handle, with plenty of options to add to make this a versatile travel system
Small basket, and can be heavy once all the extras are fitted
Features: Seat has four-position recline, seat can be rear- and forward-facing, suitable from birth, removeable bumper, comes with raincover and hood, converts to a travel system with Creatis infant carrier (additional £99) or a pram with Windoo carrycot (additional £159).
Price: RRP £229
Weight: 10kg (chassis and seat together)
Handle: 92-98cm high
Dimensions: Folded L92cmxW30cmxH26cm
Contact: BébéConfort website
Bebe Confort Loola

The concept:
The Bébé Confort Loola is a popular model that doesn’t get the publicity of other makes, yet look around you on the high street and you’ll see it everywhere!
One of its major plus points is the fact that you can switch the seat from front to rear facing, great if you have a child who prefers interaction with you to facing traffic and grown-ups legs, or who has communication difficulties.

In action:
As mothers on ThinkBaby point out, the Loola is a good-looking, flexible pushchair. (Click on the link above to see what they say, or to add your own review.)
It’s easy to handle (it has lockable, swivel wheels), and if you’ve got the carrycot or infant carrier, these click in and out of the chassis really easily.
The two downsides we found were that the basket was on the small side, and that the handlebar height was quite low.
A small basket is not such a problem with lighter buggies you might use later on (because it’s easy to carry a bag) but when your baby is small, you might choose to go out within walking distance of home rather than take a travel system on buses or in the car. Your baby is more likely to have tons of paraphernalia before you even think about doing the shopping!
The height of the handles (max 98cm) is fine if you aren’t too tall, but if you are, or a taller dad is using this pushchair, you can find your back gets a bit achy.
Interestingly, one of the ThinkBaby mums (Tanya) found hers broke in a couple of places after three months’ use, but you would expect a travel system to last at least until your baby is six months and usually beyond.

Windoo Carrycot
Still, enough of the negatives – this is an easy to use pushchair which doesn’t take much to manouvre. And the Windoo is a really comfortable, roomy carrycot you can use as a first crib if you want, which saves on buying a Moses basket for the first three months.

The Loola comes in lots of colours for 2007: BB Red, BB Grey, Oxygen Black, Oxygen Red, Oxygen Cream, and Square Abyss (blue).
As well as the Creatis infant carrier (£99), and the Windoo carrycot (£159), there are lots of other matching accessories, like the parasol (£19.99), infant carrier raincover (£9.99), and the changing bag (£39.99).

The ThinkBaby verdict

A useful, stylish and sturdy pushchair that can be a travel system for less than £350. But its real star feature is the rear-facing seat option.
Performance: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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Out of all the pushchairs we looked at this one was the best option. I have a saloon car and trying to get some of the other pushchairs in the car were difficult and heavy. The loola gave the comfort and practicality that I needed. I would definitely recommend. I also purchased the carrycot and car seat. I have to say for the price of the carrycot my daughter was not in it very long and therefore seemed to be money wasted.

Posted: 26/02/2007 at 15:46

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