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Review: Brio Happy Compact pushchair

A good-looking, functional pushchair with plenty of room for baby when travelling, but not the ideal choice if you need to store it in a tight space

Posted: 4 December 2007
by Louise Rogers

Brio Happy Compact

Easy to use and palatial for your baby
It’s very large, so not much use if you’re short on space
Features: The Compact chassis is reversible – just swing over the handlebar, so baby can face whichever way he or you desire – and has a huge basket underneath, complete with reflectors on all sides. The wheels are easy to get on and off for more compact storage. Use this with the interchangeable Happy carrycot (suitable from birth to 9kg) and seat (suitable from 6 months to 20kg). Choose either a black or silver frame and dark red, autumn orange or black fabric.
Price: around £450, includes Compact chassis, deluxe carrycot and pushchair seat unit
Weight: chassis plus wheels 13kg; seat unit 5kg; carrycot 6kg
Dimensions: (folded) chassis plus wheels 78 x 63 x 39cm
Contact: Brio website or call 01509 224 428
Brio Duo Compact

The concept
Best known in the UK for making gorgeous wooden toys, Brio have been making nursery furniture and pushchairs for years. The Happy is the latest addition to the range and offers a versatile system suitable from birth to 20kg (most only go up to 15kg). Your baby’s comfort and safety are paramount here.

In action
This pram feels light to push, but lacks the manoeuvrability of smaller buggies. It’s easy to switch between seat unit and carrycot, and the reversible chassis means that baby can face you or the rest of the world just by flipping the handlebar over.
Folding the chassis, which can be done with the carrycot in situ, is easy, once you’ve got the knack. The handles are height adjustable, and go high enough for taller fathers.
Both carrycot and seat are well padded and comfortable.

Easy to use, eye-catching, this is a modern take on the traditional pram. It offers versatility and longevity.

As you’d expect from a pram chassis, it’s not the most compact, or lightweight, and the lack of swivel wheels (an impossibility on this type of chassis) means you have to push on the handlebar to turn corners, which takes some getting used to.

The ThinkBaby verdict

A high quality pram, and a good choice for those who want a more traditional look but with extra functionality
Portability/storage: 2/5
Usability: 3/5
Comfort: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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