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Review: I'coo Plasma pushchair

If you're looking for a solid, from-birth pushchair without all the travel system clutter, the Plasma is a good option.

Posted: 28 September 2007
by Dave Oliver

Hauck I’coo Plasma 7

Sturdily built, cool design, reversible seat.
Heavy, bulky, even when folded, fold-up system is a bit awkward.
Features: One Hand Height Adjustment, adjustable backrest, aluminium frame, 5-point harness with shoulder pads, removable front bar with washable cover, adjustable footrest, lockable front wheels, soft fix brake, central suspensions system, reversible seat unit, large shopping basket at base.
Price: RRP £250.00
Weight: 13.4kg
Handle: 98-110cm
Dimensions: (open) 90x48cm (folded) 90x48cm
Accessories included: Hood, shopping basket.
Available accessories: C-Care Plus first stage car seat (converts to travel system), Cocoon Hard carry cot (converts to pram), Cosycocoon 2 in 1 soft carrycot, D-Pac matching changing bag, raincover.
Colours: Moonlight Black, Lollipop Red, Heaven Blue, Ocean Turquoise, Sunset Yellow.
Contact: Hauck UK website
Hauck I'coo Plasma 7

This is a bruiser of a pushchair, the kind of baby buggy bought by first-time parents who want something that will last through the rest of the football team they’re planning to spawn. It’s built like a tank, and you certainly get the impression that it will serve several new occupants well.

However, that sturdiness and security comes at a price. It’s great for yomping across heathland or for cutting a swathe through the high street thong, but it’s much less fun when you’re trying to wrestle it onto the bus or into your car (and smaller cars needn’t even apply – it folds up willingly enough but it doesn’t seem to get much smaller). So long as you don’t need to fold it up and carry it too often, the Plasma 7 is easy to manoeuvre, with or without the front wheel locks, and the spring suspension system guarantees a smooth ride.

The seat is reversible so you can have baby facing you if you prefer – which is just as well, since the netting on the cover isn’t easy to see through. On the plus side, the design includes a crossbar at the front which is easy to grab for lifting up and down steps (dads in particular probably appreciate this).

The ThinkBaby verdict

A buggy that’s built to last and should see you through several new arrivals – so long as you don’t have to fold it up too often.
Performance: 3/5
Value: 3/5

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