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Review: M&P Skate Combination

The Mamas & Papas Skate Combination is a pram and pushchair you can switch around with ease

Posted: 18 February 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

Mamas & Papas Skate Combination

Versatile, stylish and flexible
This is a big pram/pushchair so not ideal for homes with small storage space (although it does fold down quite compactly, you won’t want to have to fold it down every time you use it) or if you use public transport a lot
Features: Suitable from birth to 15kg, aluminium chassis making it fairly light despite its size, easy conversion from pram to pushchair mode without having to remove any parts, front wheels lock or swivel, soft-grip handlebar adjustable to suit differing heights, storage net underneath and drink holder for parent, can be used as a travel system with the Primo Viaggio car seat. Included: zip-on raincover, wheel pump and car seat adaptors (to suit the Primo Viaggio).
Price: £575
Weight: 13.7kg, chassis 9.5kg
Handle: 98-110cm
Dimensions: H113xW60xD81cm, folded (chassis only) H37.5xW60.5xD81cm
Contact: Mamas & Papas website

Mamas and Papas Skate
The concept
Combining the style and flexibility of other systems like Bugaboo, in a one-part body which can be a cosy lay-flat pram or a flexible pushchair, M&P’s Skate is aimed to take the hassle out of fixtures and fittings as you use your pushchair from birth through to the toddler years.
In design and in the fully adjustable height (not only the handlebar to suit mums and dads but also the flexibility to move where you child is sitting or laying down either higher or lower on the chassis) this is a sassy urban model aimed at use by the whole family.

In action
Although the Skate looks big, its aluminium body and the suspension and pneumatic bounce in the rear wheels make it super-easy to move around. Admittedly, petite women may find it a bit of a handful, but for those looking for a combination that can be used as a travel system, this is much less heavy and far more easy to manoeuvre than many other models on the market. The handlebar having a soft-grip finish and being a single bar across the back also help make it easier to handle.
We like the fact that the pram body converts to the pushchair seat without having to remove bits and pieces and the fact that in both modes it can be used with your child facing you or facing forward. (In early months parent-facing is strongly recommended, but as your child grows he or she will want to look ahead in the direction of travel.)
The pram, pushchair and even in travel system setting with the Primo Viaggio can all be adjusted to sit higher or lower on the chassis which we also really like. Too often you see parents with other makes of pram with their baby down at car-fumes level or older children being pushed around facing forward but so high they look like they are in a shopping trolley!
It’s a bit disappointing that this combination doesn’t come with a fully-formed basket, but the net under the pram or pushchair is useful for containing your own bags and there is plenty of room here to get quite a lot of stuff stashed away. This is really useful in the early months when new babies require all kinds of changing paraphernalia to be kept to hand at all times.

Being able to use this Combination as a pram or pushchair without having to take off or add extra bits makes this a great model for traveling (if you have the boot space in your car). Also, though you can store the Skate really small by removing the wheels etc, you can collapse it easily with the seat in it and it’s free-standing when folded which is great for putting it away in the cupboard.
Being able to recline the seat into three positions makes it useful from birth until around three years (max weight of child should be 15kg), to suit all sizes and needs.
Nice little touches also include the gate-opening style of the bumper across the front of the pushchair which can make it easier to get your child in and out.

At £580 this is not a cheap option. However, for this end of the market, this is a flexible model that you may well find more useful for longer than other travel systems or combinations available.
For some people, pneumatic tyres make it a comfortable ride for their child and an easy push, but some people prefer solid wheels so they don’t have the faff of pumping the tyres up. This is something to consider before you make your choice and is down to personal preference.

Colours and accessories
The Skate comes with a zip-on raincover, a pump for the rear tyres, and fittings for the (optional) car seat all included. You can buy the Primo Viaggio IP car seat (£110) which is compatible with the Skate to create a travel system. The Primo Viaggio IP weighs 4.5kg.
The Skate comes in three colourways: Lime or Mandarin (which is black with a bright green or bright orange interior), or Indigo Denim (which has a denim exterior and a stripy interior). The denim or ebony changing bags are available at £50 each to go with both Skate exterior colours.

The ThinkBaby verdict

Big, bold and a great choice if you’ve got the space
Portability/storage: 4/5
Usability: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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I really like the concept of this pushchair but my main concern is the storage space. The price is quite high but the pushchair will last for a while.

Posted: 21/02/2008 at 19:50

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