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Review: Pregnancy Questions and Answers

Dorling Kindersley's popular reference book for pregnancy has been updated and revised.

Posted: 11 April 2007
by Sarah Lawson

Pregnancy: Questions and Answers by Dr Christopher Lees and Grainne McCartan (RGN)

Like DK's travel guides, it's an easy-access Q&A format with useful diagrams and images.
Useful and authoritative for bite-sized info but not a flowing text about pregnancy lifestyle.
Features: Easy to navigate sections on pregnancy care, fetal development, health, possible problems, birth and early parenthood.
Price: £14.99
Pregnancy Questions and Answers

DK do some wonderful travel guides which use well-designed chapters and detailed indexes to help you find the answers to your questions. The theory here is pretty much the same, as you make your way through from conception to birth and into the first six weeks of your baby's life.
Although a website like ThinkBaby means you can access the right issue for you at the click of the button, you are not always at a computer, so having a guide book like this can be useful when you are travelling, in bed, at hospital etc.

The format here is to tell you all about treatments, tests, your changing body etc, through a series of Q&As, as if the book is answering your direct questions. This does mean the text can be a bit broken up, but for many, it gives them need-to-know information in bite-sized chunks rather than overwhelming the mother-to-be with too much medical-speak.

From photographic illustrations of how amniocentisis happens, to colour drawings of preferable sexual positions during pregnancy, there are images throughout, which might make this book an appealing alternative to that other pregnancy bible, Heidi Murkoff's What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Overall, this is a readable book, with sound medical advice passed on to the reader in a user-friendly and undaunting tone.

This revised edition is available from May 3rd 2007.

The ThinkBaby verdict

A useful text book for pregnancy for those times when you can't get to a computer and check out ThinkBaby!
Usefulness: 3/5
Readability: 3/5
Value: 3/5

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