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Review: Sleep Easy Baby CD

Fame Academy's John McLaughlin created a gentle collection of lullabies and tunes for his own children, and now you can play them to your little ones for harmonious bedtimes.

Posted: 27 February 2007
by Laura Lee Davies

Sleep Easy Baby by John McLaughlin

Mellow lullabies with some new lyrics added to comfort and soothe
Not much to fault - unless your baby prefers heavy rock at bedtimes!
Features: 21 songs, lullabies and musical interludes
Price: RRP £7.99
Sleep Easy Baby CD

The concept:
Songwriter and producer John McLaughlin has worked with acts like Westlife and Boyzone, but when it came to having children he found he had a new challenge on his hands.
Instinctively a songwriter, he couldn't help but re-jig classic lullabies and make up new ones to help ease his daughter Cara and son Cody off to sleep, and soon his friends were asking him if he'd record the songs for their children too.
When McLaughlin came to record a selection for 'Sleep Easy Baby' he felt the time was right to update some of the old classics. As he puts it, some of the lyrics are pretty 'dark', so, for example, rather than letting a baby's cradle fall, he has changed the words to add a parent's reassurance that he'll be there to catch it.

In action:
Although this album has been recorded by someone who is steeped in the pop business, it's a very gentle collection of nursery rhymes and lullabies which have been softly recorded rather than pumped up with contemporary beats!

McLaughlin's voice is soft, but without the cheesiness you often get with children's music CDs, or the shrill tones of a female singer. Indeed, having a reassuring male voice makes it a great collection in a market dominated by recordings of children's or female voices.

The ThinkBaby verdict

Gentle lullabies with a modern production sound, ideal if you're self-conscious about singing yourself or if you want to leave something quietly playing while your baby chills out before bedtime
Entertainment: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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