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Review: Stokke Xplory

It's starred in the 'Sex and the City' movie, but is this space-age pushchair a hit on the streets?

Posted: 4 August 2008
by Debra Stottor

Stokke Xplory

An incredibly versatile, high-performance pushchair – modern design in motion
It’s neither cheap nor particularly compact when folded
Features: Suitable from birth (with carrycot) to 15kg. Based around the central stem, this unusual-looking buggy enables your baby to sit higher than in other buggies, facing in or out. The handlebar is adjustable, the tyres are soft but won’t puncture and it’s easily manoeuvrable.
Price: £599, with carrycot £731
Weight: 12.5kg
Dimensions: Open H84-115cm x W57cm x L72-130cm (with seat) or 91-123cm (with baby bag)

Stokke Xplory
The concept
It looks a little like a high chair on wheels, as the seat is so elevated, but this means that your little one is up and away from the traffic fumes and has a bird’s eye view of what’s going on around him. (And if you need him to be lower down, that’s possible too.)
But that’s the least of what this buggy is capable of: your baby can face you or face the world (development experts recommend that your baby faces you for maximum contact), the seat can recline to five different positions and the footrest is height adjustable for optimum comfort.
Newborns, meanwhile, can luxuriate in the sturdy, cocooning carrycot. The seat is nicely padded and the hood gives good protection from the elements.

In action
For parents, the handle is height- and angle-adjustable and what looks like a small bag underneath expands beyond recognition into something rather capacious (just as well, as this is not the sort of buggy you can hang carrier bags from).
The smaller front wheels can be fixed or swivel, depending on the terrain you’re on, and if you need to pull it upstairs or drag it along the beach, you can fold away the front wheels and pull it on the remaining two.
The rubber tyres are filled with air bubbles (which makes them sound like an Aero), so they give a smooth ride but won’t puncture. If you’ve got long legs you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no central bar between the back wheels so you can stride out without fear of bashing your ankles and feet.
The brake is operated by a pedal next to the back wheel.

Easy to move with in small spaces
The Xplory looks big, but has a small ‘footprint’ so it’s no problem getting it in and out of shops or small spaces.
The biggest problem is when it’s folded down, as it’s not that compact, and if your boot is on the small side you may need to disassemble it more than is convenient for everyday use. Folding and unfolding – and all the other adjustments – are easy enough when you’ve got used to it, and everything clicks securely into place, so this buggy feels like a good-quality, durable piece of kit.
It’s also sure to attract attention as you wheel it down the high street, as it’s like no other pushchair on the market.

Colours and accessories
Accessories included in the price: raincover, mosquito net, hood, shopping bag.
Accessories available as extras: Changing bag (£70), footmuff (£70), mosquito net (£10), parasol (£30), travel bag (£70), car seat adapters (£30).
Colours: Red, orange, turquoise, black, green and cream.

The ThinkBaby verdict

If you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and aren’t short of money (or space), this is a good, hard-working buggy.
Portability/storage: 2/5
Usability: 3/5
Comfort: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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we have an xplory and it is FANTASTIC. Our 3 month old has been in the babybag (carrycot) so far and it's so good to be able to just take off the unit and set it on the floor like a moses basket when visiting friends, or on the picnic blanket! something you can't do with a soft cot like on the bugaboo chameleon/gecko or the phil+teds.

We use the bus in London a lot and it fits down the aisle (unlike some buses with the quinny buzz) and it's footprint really isn't that big- it fits in almost the same space  as a fully-laden Maclaren

The shopping bag is huge, if a bit fiddly to access (you do have to bend down to it) and it probably isn't ideal if you have a smartcar as it is big when collapsed (we don't have a car so not a problem for us)

It's a dream to push and you can manouevre around sainsburys local with one hand. My  husband recently pushed a friend's little one in their Maclaren and remarked on how much more work the Maclaren was.

it is expensive at RRP but we got the stroller chassis and babybag for £499 at a Baby Show special offer so if you've got the time to order it and wait it can be reasonably affordable as well. 

just be prepared for people to comment on it whenever you go out!

Posted: 04/08/2008 at 14:01

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