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Snapdragon Baby Socks

We love this simple but effective way of keeping your baby's socks on.

Posted: 2 May 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

If you have never experienced the nightmare of keeping your baby's feet warm while the little darling wants to kick off her socks, then you're either the
parent of a very rare tot or you haven't had a baby yet. Babies love to wriggle, pull and shuffle off their socks and shoes which in winter leaves you having to fish several pairs out of the bottom of the pushchair 'cosytoes', and in summer makes you worried you should be constantly applying sun block to tender tootsies.

Snapdragon Baby Socks come with their own clips to make them firmly attach to your baby's clothes. Not suprisingly, this handy but simple invention comes from the States. They come in sizes birth to six months and six to 12 months, and the socks all come in simple colours: pink, white, blue etc. There's a range of different patterns on the clips. You can have flowers, ducks, sporty images and other childhood images running down the attachable loops so your baby won't look like an old man in sock suspenders.

Check out the company yourself at Snapdragon Baby Socks and harangue your nearest baby shop to start stocking them now!

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