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Sterilising bottles when travelling

If the fuss of sterilisers puts you off travelling with baby, read our tips and ideas

Posted: 15 December 2008
by Sarah Lawson

If you are still solely breastfeeding, make the most of travelling with your baby now! Having to lug around equipment and prepare bottles of baby milk in a convenient and sterile manner is no easy job. Still, here are some pointers to try to make the task a little easier, and the thought of holidaying with baby a lot more appealing!

Microwave steam sterilisers
Taking up much less space than electric sterilisers, and handy if you are staying at a villa or cottage where you know there is a microwave to hand, microwave steam sterilisers are usually very compact.
You fill it with bottles, add a little water , and then put it in your microwave. These usually take about three minutes and ones like the Closer to Nature version from Tommee Tippee costs around £19.99. The Boots version retails at £18.95.
Microwave steriliser bags are even more handy. Lindam sell these and they can be reused again and again. A pack of bags costs £4.99 and they will be ready in three minutes.

Mothercare do a microwave sterilising bottle which really cuts down on the bulk factor and is a steal at under £7 for three.

Cold water sterilisers
These work by adding sterilising tablets or liquid to water, in a special bucket or steriliser. Nowadays, many are designed to drain easily so you don't have to hold a heavy, water-filled container over the sink after use.
Sterilising with this process usually takes about 30 minutes.
These are really useful if you are camping or travelling somewhere where you don't know how often you will have access to electricity, but do depend on a water supply. These are much cheaper than electric steamers (the Boots model is £15.95).
The abovementioned Closer To Nature steriliser can be used in a microwave or with cold water, which does give you flexibility.
If you only want to use the cold water option when travelling, Boots do steriliser bags with the solution in, which take 30 minutes and which keep a bottle sterile for 24 hours. They cost £6.99 for a seven-day supply of bags.

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